Ashley Chersinoff

Getting to know me!

Hey everyone!! I’m Ashley, a previous insurance agent for 11 years, turned real estate agent. I live every day feeling grateful for the life I live. I have been blessed with the opportunity to pursue my dream career helping others find the place they call home.

What made me go from an insurance agent to real estate agent you ask? Let me tell you my story.

Rewind back to summer 2012 where it starts. After saving my money and saving my money, as a 24 year old single female I started shopping for my first home. I looked at all sorts of condos in Abbotsford, BC. Some big, some small, some new, some old. Then September 2012 was the big day when I got the keys to “the one” I fell in love with. When I found it, I just knew it was the one. Funny how that is. I lived in the condo for 5 years, renovating it into the bachelorette paradise that it was. Filled with greys, pinks and whites throughout and some sparkly things of course. I then decided to put my home up for sale. The selling part was just as enjoyable for me as the purchase. I knew that from the sale, I would be able to do things I never thought imaginable.

My home sold and shortly thereafter I was able to travel to some destinations I will never forget. I packed my backpacks and was able to see the beautiful landscapes of Greece and Italy. Once I got back home, I then realized that I enjoyed the whole process of buying and selling real estate that I would be crazy not to pursue it as a career.

So through the purchase and sale of real estate in my own personal life, I was afforded the opportunity to do it as a career. Helping others find “the one” is the most amazing feeling. Always reflecting back to where I have been and seeing the same joy in others, is what I’m passionate about.

I run my business with no pressure, patience and making sure my clients enjoy the process from beginning to end just like I once did.

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