About Me!


After working in the medical field for 15 years, experiencing my own severe mental and physical trials and tribulations, and seeing the same experiences all around me I knew there was more to what was going on here.
I overcame one thing at a time and completely transformed my life on my own over the next 5 years.
I knew it didn't need to take this long, and I knew that there were so many people seeking the same changes in their own life.
I wanted to know how this happened so I could truly serve those around me, so I could teach people to help themselves in same the way I had helped myself, because everyone is capable of doing the same thing I did for myself.
As a wife, mother, sister, and lover of all, I knew that no matter how much I love someone I cannot choose anything for them.
I wanted to empower with knowledge so that all can fully live their lives and know exactly what they are creating in it.
I became certified as an WHOLEistic (Integrative or Holistic) Practitioner and Energy Medicine Practitioner and learned exactly how I shifted my life.
After I completed my training I was ready to help the world but I knew I couldn't do it one person at a time and reach everyone.
In my work what I discovered was that there was a fundamental piece of education absent from our formative years of this human experience. We didn't know the basics of our human existence, and this I realized was absolutely necessary to truly live a life of our choosing. 
In cooperation with my hands on education, facilitation, and recalibration services, I was inspired to create the worlds first human education program, designed to truly liberate the lives of all human beings!
When you know who are and where you want to go possibilities are limitless!
No matter where you may be in the world or who you may be, this is your human experience and my goal is for you have the information necessary for you to be in conscious creative control of your life, requiring nothing but you and your desire for you to have a better life experience.
Welcome To The Bridge Between Where You Are And Where You Want To Be
Liberating Humanity with
Higher Love
Humaning 101: The Foundations Of The Human Experience 
The time has come for everyone to know that they can create the life that they desire and know exactly how to do this.
There is nothing you cannot be, do, and have in this world when you understand your connection to it!
Ashley Eugene, Your Human Experience Facilitator


It is time for you to live the life you desire, the life you deserve to live!