The (s)EX files

The many, many, many men and a few women too.



8/11/2022, 12:42am. Tonight, I got home to Tyler hanging out with our friend and coworker, Rhiannon. He’s cool, she’s cool, everything’s just fucking breezy. They said they were going to watch a movie in our living room and I said “have fun guys! I’m tired and off to bed.” because I was tired and just wanted to go to bed. Unsure if it was a gut feeling or my insomnia keeping me awake after Tyler decided now would be a great time to shower, but I laid in bed wide awake as I continue to do. Once I started hearing Rhiannon’s moans from the living room, I went from being wide awake to completely shattered. Tyler thinks that I am asleep while he is fucking our friend on the other side of our door while our child is down the hall. Instead of confronting the situation because I avoid things, I say here in our bed reading an article on what the god damn kardashians eat in a day to distract me from the sounds of my partner fucking another woman. They’ve finally finished now and damn, did she put on a show. I’ve been sleeping with the man for 10 years and know exactly what he’s capable of. Yeah, he’s got an above average cock and all, but he’s extremely vanilla and I know those pig squeals you were making were a bit excessive. I hope you both feel my pain when you look me in the eyes tomorrow and pretend that this is okay.