Hi! I’m Ashley and I am so happy you clicked on this link!

I am 18, from MN, making money on my own time. I was not planning on joining this business at all. I was not the girl who was comfortable posting all the time on social media. I was not the girl who reached out to people promoting her business/products. And I was not the girl who said yes to things out of her comfort zone.

I had been watching my best friends sister do this business for a few years and always thought that it was a scam. I would tap through her stories and think to myself “this is just another pyramid scheme”. But boy was I wrong. When I turned 18 she told me to join, but being scared to try something new I said “no this isn’t for me”. Then I saw another person I knew join it and started paying more attention to their stories. I started asking questions and on a random Wednesday I says yes!

I never knew that saying a three letter word would change so much. Saying yes has changed my mindset, my social skills, and my health. The little amount of time I have been involved with this business I have learned so much about discipline, courage, and passion.

You will never know what you are capable of if you never try. Freedom is on the other side of fear. Fill out my application to get started and be free!