Working to inspire women to be happy right where they are.

Hey loves,
I’m Ashley, a stay at home mom to my 8 month old son Lucca. I was born and raised in Northern California in wine country and moved to Oregon about 3 years ago to live close to my mom and sister. I went to Culinary school right after high school and worked in Food and Hospitality for over 12 years until moving to Oregon and deciding I wanted to learn and do something new that felt more meaningful for myself.

I wanted a way to connect with other positive, like-minded people that wanted to work for themselves and make a difference in the world. Although I don’t know exactly where I want to take my business I know I want to be a positive light in peoples day and want to encourage others to feel good and know their worth.

We are all so special and amazing in our own ways. It’s important we appreciate where we are and embrace our matter what our circumstances are. I believe we go through stages of life to learn and grow.

So wherever you are: love yourself and know you are VALUABLE. We can always strive for more and work to DO more; but if we’re always thinking of the future I believe we can easily miss out of our special moments now.

I’m currently working and making youtube videos about pregnancy, motherhood, and lifestyle tips that have helped me and also that I wish I knew before being pregnant in hopes I can help other women in these stages of their life.

I share recipes, fashion inspiration (on a budget) on Instagram: @treasurehunter88. I’m all about saving where I can: Walmart and Amazon are currently my favorite places to shop and find the best lifestyle items from home to fashion so we can look are best, feel our best, but not sacrifice our hard earned money in the process.

I’d love to connect on Instagram and hear more about you. Where are you from and what are you currently doing? What brings you joy?

I can’t wait to get you know you better babe, and looking forward to our friendship along the way.