My Story

Hi! I am Ashley!
I am a mama to a beautiful little girl and a wife to my high school sweet heart!
I am a former teacher turned work from home mama who is passionate about helping other women live a life they love!

​For years I struggled with dieting and an eating disorder and was miserable in my skin.

I hated my body, had low confidence and it affected all areas of my life!

I tried all the diets, and would fail over and over. I thought I would never find freedom... until I found these programs that helped me eventually get away from the diet mentality, overcome that eating disorder, and find food freedom and learned to LOVE my body for all that it does!

The community and accountability I found with these programs is what truly changed the game for me and not only got me results, but truly made me find joy in the journey and HAPPINESS in LIFE!

And I just want EVERYONE to feel this good which is why I became a coach and now LOVE helping others start their journey to FREEDOM as well!

This coaching gig started as just extra accountability, but turned into my PASSION and PURPOSE and brought me home to my daughter, has helped us pay of all credit card and student loan debt, and allows us to travel like never before, and has given our family hope for even more TIME and FREEDOM in the future!

And it is my MISSION to help other women find their freedom and truly live their healthiest, happiest and best life!!

Can you relate to any of my story or need help with anything that I struggled with?!
I would love to chat more with you and see if this could change your life like it did mine!

Learn more about what I do and how you can join me!