Our Story

Hey you, my name is Gam3r_M0mma, 28years old, a mom of two beautiful girls 5 years apart and are inseperable! I am a wife for 7 years and could not ask for a better husband. He is a new stay at home dad due to his health and I am currently home from this wonderful life that we live now. We come from a background where family comes first, and our desire to serve pours out. Our family means everything!

3 years ago our live changed when my husband was in a car accident that literally changed his life forever. He was struggling with his health and could not be diagnosed on what it was and was just suffering. Finally fast forward a year later I was 3 months pregnant when he was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation. It is a birth defect that best way to explain it that his cerebellum is too big for his skull and is coming out the back of his skull and goes down into his spinal canal. It gives him constant headaches, like migraine level, memory loss, vision impairement, heart issues, back problems and the list goes on and on. He stepped down from his almost management position thinking doing less would be better and it wasn't. He sadly came home back in February and is now working to seek treatment to help it, since sadly there is no cure. But we were struggling, barely making ends meet, having to stop paying our credit cards and some bills just so we could pay for groceries, pay for rent, water and electric.

10 months ago we had enough and was looking for me to find something I could do from home, on the go in between me working 40 hours and coming home to be a momma and wife. 2 years ago I started watching a dear friend who I lived 2 doors down from and saw she had gotten back into this business online that her and I did 5 years ago and failed. I laughed knowing that we failed before that it wouldn't work this time. She proofed me wrong. In her journey of 2 years she has erased so much debt, creating her own freedom and is writing her own story. I wanted that and knew something had to change.

After jumping in in 4 months I did something I had never done before which was get somewhere in the business and promoted to the 2nd rank of the company. After 8 months I erased my first credit card and almost promoted to the 3rd rank of the company in that same month. I am literally achieving so much that I had NEVER achieved before and I am just so blessed with the help, training, and platforms to help me has gotten me to where I am today!

I get to partner with women just like you and change their circumstances. There is nothing greater on the inside of me that’s not already inside of you. It’s believing in yourself for 2 seconds, having a dream and deciding to chase it. I promise you - the fear of getting started is way more fulfilling that the fear of never trying.

It’s the 21st century babe! God has such big things in store for you. I want to be the one to tell you that there is no reason you can’t be making an income from online. You’re 1000% worthy & have what it takes. As someone who lacked self confidence and was terrified to step out of my comfort zone, I’d love to lend some confidence to you. I believe in you and I’m rooting that choose freedom!

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