Taking risks!!

Build a life you never have to vacation from!

Let me give you a little hindsight of who I am and how far I have come. I grew up in a small town called Kemmerer Wyoming of 2,500 people. I’ve worked at probably every restaurant, store and some ranches there. I have experienced a 9-5 job and honestly it just wasn’t my thing.
I am a 2021 graduate this year and I look forward to going to college to become an elementary school teacher! But I hate the sound of student debt. I have college friends that barely get a social life because they are always working after their classes and that in my opinion doesn’t sound like a life I want to start living.
I’ve recently joined this business selling hair and skin care products. And it’s been such a blessing for me! I literally get to work anytime I want and my income depends on me and how much effort I put in which I think is pretty amazing and so motivational. Not to mention the girls I work with are so supportive and so willing to help. I mean who doesn’t want to work in the comfort of their home surrounded by their family because this girl sure loves it!