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Ashlyn Jumpponen was born on the West coast, and became a Midwest transplant at an early age. With an old school atlas in hand, she navigated her and her co-pilot to smack dab in the middle of the US. She has always been incredibly passionate about traveling, and exploring new places. Ashlyn is the CEO of her own health and wellness business, and strives to help others with their health, wealth and/or B O T H! She loves trying new styles of foods, and creative cocktails. (She says she’ll try anything once - so if you have something good your hiding, let her know!) In addition to being a foodie, she loves seeking out the latest trends in fashion, and trying out new styles. Ashlyn loves sharing her adventures, and hopes you’ll enjoy following along! Thanks for stopping by! <3

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Xo, ashlyn


Well, here goes nothing! As I sit here, staring out my window, thinking of what to say - I realize that it’s just so silly that I’ve procrastinated starting this damn blog for SO FUCKING LONG. This whole situation of saying I’m going to do something one day and never getting to it, is honestly fucking exhausting.

Things over here are definitely a work in progress, but hey! That’s life right? I think the best way to start, is by letting you know a little bit about me. My goal right now is to post an article at least once a week. Once I get my footing, I’ll start to focus on specific topics and all the fun things!

The quick and dirty.


I was born (wait for it…) Ashley Paige MacArthur. My biological father was out of the picture for us at a pretty young age, and left it to my mom to rise up to the occasion and become SUPERMOM (contrary to what she thinks, she rocked it, because I’m still alive and happy, right?). Enter, my now adoptive father, Ari Jumpponen. My parents started dating when I was in second grade - they got married in Europe, and I got to go! Told ya, I love traveling. Anyway, long story short - in fifth grade, Ari asked if he could adopt me. I happily accepted, and for some reason, I asked if I could change my first name, along with my last name. AS A FIFTH GRADER…WHAT?! Supermom said, “as long as you keep Paige - I’m fine with it.”
                   So, here I am: Ashlyn Paige Jumpponen, and fucking proud of it.


I’ve been dating my hunnny, Jack, for almost FIVE years now!! Crazy how time flies when you’re having fun, amirite? He truly is the nicest, sweetest person (I’m not so much), and I honestly don’t deserve him. But hey, I cook and clean, so its a fair trade in my eyes. We just moved in together in downtown Kansas City, in the CUTEST little apartment. Stay tuned for a home tour!


I LOVE TO COOK! I love experimenting with new recipes. My mother is like a gourmet chef, and my father is European…so growing up, I was that weirdo kid who had bagels & lox in my lunch box. Kids laughed or made fun of me, but Y’ALL. I was eating like a Q U E E N. That shit tasted so good. My upbringing in that environment sparked a love for all things food. I will literally try anything once.
Craziest bite: probbbss, deer tongue? OR frog legs? I don’t know, I’ve even tried bugs.
** Accepting challenges, and new foods to try, every single day.


If you haven’t already noticed…I’m a pretttyyy big personality. For my whole life, I’ve tried to be the person that aims to please everyone, and would bend over backwards for people who didn’t even notice. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned who my ride or dies are. I love hard, and I’ll do anything for them! With that being said, I’ve learned that no matter how hard I tried, or no after what I did, I just wasn’t going to please everyone - OR, my personality isn’t for everyone. Each day, I’ve taken steps to accept me, and who I am, and truly love on myself for who I am. I’m a big believer in, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and that motto has shaped me into the person I am today.


Last, but most importantly not least - I LIVE for helping others around me. When people ask me what my dreams, or passions are - it always revolves around helping others, and helping make a difference in this wonderful world we live in. I think it’d be awesome to work with a non-profit and give back to my community. I think help comes in all forms, and sometimes even just a smile can make a huge difference in someone’s day! :)


Lions, tigers and bears, oh my! … Is usually the typical response I get when I tell someone (not from the Midwest) I live in Kansas City.

After graduating from The University of Kansas (ROCK CHALK, bb’s) in 2017, I made the decision to move to Kansas City. Living in a small-ish town for a large part of my life, I felt that Kansas City was a good place to get my feet wet for the big city life I had always dreamed of. It wasn’t my first location of choice, but I knew I would be close to my friends and family - and that gave me a sense of comfort.

For those who have never had the opportunity to visit, (I definitely think everyone should at least check it out, at least ONCE!) Kansas City, is a relatively big city with a homey, small town vibe. I think that’s one of the biggest draws to it - it just feels like home. Ultimately, when it comes down to it, the location is just that. It’s the people, the relationships you build and the effort you put into being in a certain place, that makes a big city feel like home. It’s known for things like having the BEST barbecue, fountains all over the city, museums, rich history, parks and of course, the Kansas City Chiefs! I have NEVER seen fans like ours. People literally wait outside the stadium at 4AM to tailgate a 12PM game. It’s bizarre to me, but that loyalty is truly something spectacular… And I mean, we are the loudest stadium in the world. We’re 3-0, BABY!

Looking back at my time in Kansas City, I have been so pleasantly surprised by all there is to offer. My experience here has definitely been a “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” and I’m not ashamed of it. I don’t know that it’s in the cards for us to stay here for forever, but being here has allowed me to learn about myself and discover the type of life I want. Plus, the airport is literally 15 minutes from our apartment, so any time I’m feeling the itch to travel, I don’t have to go to far to hop on a plane, and go on my next adventure!

I am


September 23, 2019 marks the first day of F A L L, y’all 🍂 I don’t know where you’re at, but here in Kansas City, we experience all four seasons. Today, we took the red eye from Chicago back home, and when we walked out this AM, we were treated to a crisp, cool morning. It’s still kind of toasty during the day, but it’s not unbearable.
You can tell that a change in seasons is coming reaalll soon.

I honestly love fall. Turtleneck sweaters (I used to make so much fun of my mom for wearing these), cozy dusters, over-the-knee boots, basically ev-er-re-thing pumpkin, and my personal fave: CHILI! You guys, I die. I don’t know what it is about chili, but my mom and I used to make it all the time when I was younger…and now it has become a staple of mine! (Jack and I made this amazing lamb chili last year..SO GOOD! - stay tuned and I’ll put some recipes up on the blog this month!)

Fall makes me think about Thanksgiving, and each year, I really use this as a time to look back and reflect on everything that’s happened: the good, the bad, the ugly. I’m doing things a little early this year, and I wanted to share just a couple things I’m incredibly thankful for.

FAMILY - As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to really appreciate my family, just as they are. My mother and I have always been super close, and she is my biggest supporter. But one thing I noticed, was that after my parent’s separation - I kind of neglected the other side of my family. Once my father remarried, he also brought three new kiddos into my life. Growing up, I always had this vision of what my life was going to look like. I had always wanted a ton of siblings - they just came 18 years later than I had originally anticipated. But that’s okay! I am making it more of a point to now stay in touch, and embrace the weirdness/differences that my family has, and love them for who they are!

HEALTH - This has always been something that it really important to me. I started playing sports, and being active at a very young age!

TRAVELING - I am forever grateful for the trips that I have been able to take in my life. I have been traveling since I was a little kid. When I was 4 or 5 years old, I flew on a plane ALL BY MYSELF. It was the most exhilarating experience. I felt like such a superstar when I was navigating through the airport on my own. From then on, I was hooked on traveling!

TIME FREEDOM - A few months ago, I completely changed up my lifestyle routine. I went from having a steady, secure income every month, to starting my own business and lifestyle blog. This has been a bit of a crazy ride, both emotionally and financially - and to be honest, at times quite terrifying.



Wow, the month of September was a whirlwind! As I sat her for a moment to reflect on this past month, I realized how much I accomplished this month, and decided to shift my focus from what I didn’t do, to what I actually did. I’ll be honest, when I first started this post, I titled it “How to Get Back Up When You’re Feeling Down.” Sure, my life is filled with an abundance of ups and downs - as I’m sure many other’s are. But what I was discovering was that, just because something had me down in that moment, didn’t mean I had to let that define me, or alter the entire course of my day! People don’t need your judgment, they need your love.

For instance; in my Health & Wellness business  -  I had set a personal goal to reach the next level, and I didn’t quite make it. Ya, it SUCKED. And I was feeling pretty down on myself. Then, I realized…I just started doing this, and look at how much I’ve already done. Think about how many people you have helped, and educated! I chose to think positively and change my perspective - which is what I’d like to ask you to do each day. Try to find a way to always see the positive in every situation.

One of my favorite examples is this: You have $86,400 in your bank account and someone stole $10 from you. Would you be upset and throw away the remaining $86,390 in hopes of getting back at the person that stole from you? FUCK NO, move on and let live. Now, translate that into your real life… There are 86,400 seconds in one day. If someone ruins 10 seconds, fuck, even 1,000 seconds - you still have 85,400 seconds to make your day count. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Jack always tells me to think about the Rule of 7’s. Will it matter in 7 seconds? 7 minutes? 7 hours? You get the point…

It’s comical to me, because this article helped me stay motivated as I was writing it. It’s all about perspective, and choice. Every single day, we make a choice to get up, and actively do what fulfills us. I’ve spent a lot of my life in the “reactive” stage - where I am always looking to others to see what it was they were doing, and use others to figure out where I should be. It wasn’t until my move out to Los Angeles this past summer, that I realized I was constantly depending on others to fill my cup. Don’t get me wrong here, I love helping others and being there for my friends/family. But what I learned when I was forced to depend only on myself, is that everyone is trying to figure out what fills their cup, too. I needed to take “action” and discover what it was I needed, because truth be told…no one else can give me exactly what it is I’m searching for.

Here are a some steps I take to keep me motivated every day!


Breathe. It’s seriously so simple! My Apple Watch even tells me to do it!


Honestly, I used to be so concerned about how people would perceive me. Like, spend HOURS contemplating what to wear on the first day of Freshman year. Or not go to an event because internally, I felt like no one really wanted me there. Today, welllll, that’s a different story. I’m living my life, on my terms, by my design. No matter what I do - I’m probably going to upset someone (not intentionally, of course, but we might not view things in the same way). And that’s okay! When I decided to ignore the haters, my life improved so much that I completely forgot about them.


Give yourself a moment to look into why you’re feeling unmotivated. If you are feeling this way, it’s probably for a reason. What is is? Get curious! Ask questions. Since I’ve been working from home, I realize that I talk to myself…A LOT. Sometimes it’s in my head, other times it’s out loud. My neighbors probably think I’m a little weird. But in doing this - I have worked out some major issues that I didn’t even realize were going on. For instance - in the beginning, I wouldn’t leave the house until I got everything on my to-do list checked off. I was so fucking stir crazy, I realized that I hated being trapped in my apartment, working allll day! Which brings me to my next point..


My day is mapped out in 15, 30 and 60 minute increments. I find that this is the most effective way for me to get as much done as I can, without feeling like I’m constantly trying to climb up a mountain that I cannot see the top of. Breaking it down for me makes it feel much simpler!


LISTS! I LOVE LISTS, guys. This is probably my favorite one. There is nothing more satisfying that highlighting or crossing through a task that you’ve completed. Use my tip from above to help you


Read, read, read. Or listen to Podcasts - whatever you’re into.

Personal development has been soo HUGE for me, in staying motivated. It’s like they’re speaking directly to you, and hitting you tight in the gut, telling you to get your shit together. I used to think these books were dumb, or silly and stupid. In reality, I was the stupid one for not picking them up sooner.

LEADERS are READERS. Remember that.


I don’t do this every day, but I’m working on getting better at it. When I was younger, I used to watch my mom get ready to go to law school. Hair done, nails done, lookin’ fiiine. (Remember when you were going to school in your PJs...? Me too).

But, I’ve noticed that when I show up looking GOOD AS HELL, I feel GOOD AS HELL. It’s like scientific or something, I don’t know. But this shit works. DRESS TO IMPRESS - and yes, impress YOURSELF. I work from home.. and the other day I walked past a mirror. I DID A DAMN DOUBLE TAKE... ON MYSELF, and I fucking conquered the rest of the day because I was like “hey, girl you got this.”

sweatheory KC

Turn down the lights, take a deep breath, think about a happy place, or memory and shut down your eyes. What do you see? What do you think of? Is it the smell of freshly brewed coffee while you’re sitting on your couch on a lazy Saturday morning? Is it a meadow, where you’re skipping through the field, laughing and enjoying the company of a loved one? Whatever, or whomever it may be - think about how you feel when you picture this. For me, I felt joy. Joy that I was allowing myself to think about positive affirmations, and happy memories.

This was how my first infrared hot yoga class at sweatheory began. As I sat on my mat, staring at the colorful wall mural in the cedar and bamboo filled room, I tried to clear my mind of all negativity and allow myself to truly be present. I’ll be honest, I’d been having a stressful week, and in the beginning it was really difficult for me to be able to completely clear my head. As I continued to sweat and flow, I focused on the movement of my body, and suddenly, I became grateful that I was giving back to myself, and my health. The stress and anxiety from my week began to melt away. Before I knew it, the class was over, and my severely drenched self was ready to sign up for my next class!

Personally, that’s what I’ve always loved about working out - it’s been my release since before I can even remember. Stressed? Go for a run. Not feeling the best? Meditate. You get it… BUT! I can also get bored with doing the exact same exercises every single day, so I like to mix it up. I love experimenting with new ways to sweat, and exploring new and fun places in the community!

Some of you might be thinking to yourself - why sweatheory? What’s so great about this place? Well, let me tell you, sis (or man)!

sweatheory, an OG west coast health studio, made its way to the Crossroads Arts Districts in Kansas City, Missouri when owner, Brandon Presley, decided KCMO could use some sweat therapy too. As you enter the double doors, you’re greeted with an eclectic mixture of cedar wood and exposed cement. Essential oils from their diffusers fill the room and there are beautiful crystals everywhere. The natural light illuminates the entire entrance. The bar behind the front desk has alkaline water freely flowing on tap for its guests.

OKAY, we get it, the place is cute and ever so relaxing. So, what do they actually offer?

sweatheory specializes in the ultimate infrared experience. The infrared technology uses electromagnetic radiation to warm your body. This allows your body to sweat longer than if you were in a regular sauna type situation.

Infrared sauna

pre-heated to roughly 160 degrees, this private sauna (you can bring a friend along, too! Jack came with me one time), equipped with bluetooth speakers and infrared lights galore. They provide a remote for you to play around with the different colors of lights. (I used the red light in the sauna for a maximum sweat). You are given a cayenne shot prior to entering the sauna to warm your body, and plenty of alkaline water during your sweat. You can also adjust the temperatures if you’re feeling too hot! I pumped up the jams, sat in the sauna for about 50 minutes, and followed my session with another shot containing a shit ton of different minerals to restore the body. There are showers in each space to rinse off afterwards. You can burn over 500 calories, JUST FROM SITTING THERE!

Hot yoga

a mixture of cedar and bamboo wood, a beautiful Himalayan salt and crystal installation on the wall, and infrared lights overhead. The studio room stays around 105 degrees during the class, and fits roughly 15 people. They offer a variety of classes, such as Deep Heat Stretch Hot Power Yoga, and Sweaty Soul Yoga. Each class is 45 minutes to an hour. WARNING: It gets toasty up in here, so be sure to drink lots of fluids before, during and after!

IV Therapy

we have Vegas to thank for these babies really blowing up! There are a ton of different types of IV therapy you can try out. I personally haven’t used these - but these are intended for a quick recovery to your normal hydration levels.

Shot bar

this feature hasn’t quite started in the Kansas City location yet, but Presley said they have certified nurses ready to go when they get the green light. They provide an array of different types of vitamin shots/injections to help with achy joints, and cramps.

(Speaking of cramps, total TMI - but I did my first infrared sauna sesh while it was that time of the month, and this was a perfect way to still get a sweat in, while giving my body the time it needed to rest, and my cramps went away from the heat)!

Presley states, “we wanted to create a space for people to come into, in hopes that they feel healthier and happier (both mentally and physically) as they leave the studio. After taking multiple yoga classes and enjoying a toasty sweat sesh in the infrared sauna (on separate occasions), I would say they’ve hit the nail on the head with this one!

Check it out and let me know what you think! Do you do the same workout routines or do you like to mix it up like me??

Xo, ashlyn

Take a chance on yourself, because no one else can envision your dream like you do.

noun: yoga
1.a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation.

Do you ever have a dream, and it’s in the palm of your hands, waiting for you to
take it and run with it? But that small voice inside your head tells you, “I can’t do this” or “I’m not good enough,” so you believe it and self-sabotage before the good even gets going? Ya, I’ve been there too. If you’ve been following along on my blog, or Instagram - you’ll know that personal development has been a H U G E thing for me. And this article here, is a story about perseverance and fighting for what it is you truly want in your life. Take that beautiful dream of yours and RUN with it, because if you don’t start now, the harsh reality is that you may never start.

At the beginning of 2018, I set a personal goal for myself to get my yoga sculpt certification. If you’re unfamiliar with yoga sculpt, it’s a little bit of yoga mixed with bursts of cardio and some weight lifting. The class is heated, and you put in WERK, bitch. (Just ask Jack and my friend, Pete Forsee). I’d been attending yoga classes at Power Life Yoga, and really began to tap into my inner yogi. I’ve always enjoyed taking yoga classes - I was a dancer and cheerleader, so I always thought I was #winning when I could touch my toes, and hit the poses the teacher asked us to do. Jack would always joke with me and ask if I “won” class when I got home. After wanting to flick him in the noggin, I’d tell him, that’s not what yoga is about, sir!

One day, after our witty banter, I decided it was time to bring my idea of getting my certification to life. The teacher had just announced there was going to be a teacher training during the summer. I looked over at my friend, and said, “this is it! It’s happening.” After class, I walked over to the front desk, feeling confident as ever, and asked how to sign up. I’d been taking the classes, how hard could it be to actually teach the classes, right?!

So I set out on a six week, 60 hour long journey to get my certification last summer. I got my sequence manual and it was off to the races. Honestly, bless my friends and family for allowing me to practice my sequences with them, and asking them to “be my body” so I could flow through everything. At the end of our training, we had auditions. I was definitely nervous when I went to my audition, but I felt comfortable enough with what I was doing, that I wasn’t freaking out about messing up (thaaat bad). It was my turn, and I felt like I delivered the best I could. I made a few mistakes, but hey, I’m human. I forgot to say my little spiel at the beginning, and I made up for it by saying “WAAAIIIT! I forgot to tell you guys this thing I read the other day!” and told them. I felt overall good about where I was.  I was happy, at least I got my certification!

About a week and a half later, I got a call saying, “I’m sorry, Ashlyn. We’re going to pass. Thanks.” YOU GUYS, THAT WAS IT. There wasn’t really any feedback on how to get better, or let’s keep working on it. That call floored me. I put my yoga mat in my closet, and didn’t take it out until I had to for a work event about 3-4 months later. And when I sat on my mat, I cried. I cried because I had wanted something so badly, and I gave up. You know what, who cares if they didn’t want me, or didn’t think I was good enough. I KNOW I AM GOOD ENOUGH, and I shouldn’t have let the opinions of others completely take away something I worked for.

You see, the reason I wanted to become a sculpt teacher in the first place was to help others. I love helping others tap into their full potential, whether that be on their mat, or in their personal lives. I enjoy listening to others and finding out what lights their fire, and then pushing them to go after their own goals and dreams.

Over the last year, I have made a lot of mistakes, I am nowhere near perfect. BUT, I have also grown exponentially as a person. I realized that I was looking at life in such a negative way. Y’all, I literally packed my car up, and drove 1,700 miles by myself to a move away from the person I used to be. I wasn’t happy with myself, or my lack of trying. I needed to get away in order to find myself, and who I really wanted to be. I stopped caring so much about how others would perceive me if I did this, or that, and I started caring about ME. Are there some things I wish I could take back? Absolutely! But this past summer, I found myself again. And you know what? I LOVE MYSELF. My weird, goofy self. I embrace my awkwardness, and it’s a passion of mine to show others its okay to embrace theirs too!

Yoga has been something that I have gone back and forth with my entire life (which LORD knows I need, because ya gurl is HIGH strung). My friend Grace and I began talking about the classes I was going to come take from her when I moved back from LA, and you guys, that friendship saved my dream. So, when I moved home, I decided to try out a different studio, Core Power Yoga. I began to feel that sense of community again. I felt back at peace when I came to my mat. I felt the dream of becoming a sculpt teacher begin to come back.

Fast forward a few months, and I decided it was time to put my certification to use. I applied for a fun-filled weekend Intensive with Core Power. Basically, you take my whole 60 hour long journey and crunch it into a Saturday, and Sunday - with auditions on Sunday afternoon. When I applied, I didn’t realize auditions were going to be held in the same weekend and I began FREAKING THE F*CK OUT!!! Thankfully, I had some help and was able to practice some of the rust off before the weekend, but I was still so nervous. Another thing I didn’t realize was that everyone at this intensive, 1. already worked at CorePower (so they alll knew each other), and 2. had taken their 200 hour certifications - so I was dealing with some REAL BADASSES.

Those voices started to creep back into my head…”You really think you can do this? Please…” or “you should probably just pack your things up, and try again next year.” BUT, I fought the urge. Despite not knowing a single soul, I walked up to my now bestie (we literally met last Saturday, crazy right) Mo, and said hi, I’m Ashlyn! We sat next to each other, and people literally thought we’d been friends long before. I went on to create friendships and relationships with many other badass people, and HOLY TITS, the overwhelming amount of support and community I felt in that room, just lit a fire under my ass.

I remember driving to the studio on Sunday morning, and getting down on myself. I had a 30 minute drive, and I knew if I stayed in this mindset, I’d never feel ready enough to audition in eight hours.. I flipped on my favorite playlist, and screamed (SCREAMED) at myself. “This is your dream! You have worked toward this for a whole year! YOU CAN. You can do this! Don’t stop now. Keep going, you are so close!” And I’m not kidding, I had tears rolling down my face. I finally realized how bad I wanted this. For myself.

I set the tone of my audition by telling everyone I wanted my students to feel like badasses after they take my classes. And I’ll be honest, I think I kind of blacked out, but I remember leaving my audition feeling accomplished and proud of myself. I felt so good that whole weekend, that regardless of my results - I KNOW I’ll continue to come to my mat and find that inner peace it brings me, because I will never quit on my dreams again.

If you’re still reading along with me, first, THANK YOU! I know this is a lot. But the moral of this story is, you should never give up on your dreams. You were meant for greatness, and this is only the beginning. It’s never too late to start doing something for yourself, or for others. The second part to this is, be patient. Good things take time. I used to be skeptic of people who said, “you’re right where you’re meant to be.” Like no…life doesn’t work that way. But it is SO TRUE! I wasn’t ready to teach others to love and believe in themselves a year ago, because I didn’t love or believe in my own self. I needed to find myself, so that I could help others find themselves, and embrace it 110%.  

I’ll find out if I’m going to be a yoga teacher in a few weeks!! So keep your fingers crossed for me loveys, and wish me luck!

Ash 💋