Meet Genesis!

Singer | Motivator | Influencer | Entrepreneur

Sultry, soulful, and piercing is the blueprint for Genesis’s voice. “Music can mend the broken heart, uplift the contrite spirit, and stir the stagnated soul,” responds Genesis when asked why she loved music. “I want nothing more than to tap into that very power. The ability to penetrate the heart of the listeners across the world.”

July 2019, Genesis released an EP entitled, emerGENce and premieres her debut album, Per’spektiv February 2020.

Genesis has made it her mission to inspire, motivate, encourage, uplift, empower, and heal people of all ages, backgrounds, gender, races, etc. not just through music but with her life. When asked who her target audience was she simply replied, “I don’t have one! I don’t care what age, race, political background, lifestyle, religion, creed — I just aspire to inspire. That’s it. That’s all.”

She is the Founder of The MissUNDERSTOOD Project, Creator of a virtual safe space for women called, thePINKroom, and owner of REGALbyGenesis, a beauty line specializing in lashes and lip care.

After asking what we should expect next from Genesis, she responds, “Greatness! I am not optimistic. I am not hopeful. I am sure. I am steady. And I know He has begun a [great] work in me. There’s definitely going to be a performance.”