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Hey babe,
If you are new here my name is Ashley Reneé. I am currently 26 years old. I will be attending the Dcp Fall 2022 and to say I am excited is an understatement! Obviously stay tuned to follow me along my journey! (: My goal for my platform is to create a positive space in such a harsh world. To be able to share my adventures, share my love for Jesus and create a community of friendship. I hope to bring a smile to whoever I come in contact with, maybe even a laugh or two… 🤪

You can find me on YouTube, Instagram , Twitter, TikTok, Spotify & ITunes!

D I S N E Y (:

Disney college program 2022 (Fall)

Hi friends, I am beyond excited to be able to say that I have officially been accepted into the DCP! If I’m being honest I wasn’t quite expecting to even apply to the program and hadn’t even heard of it until about a month ago (which is crazy since I go to Disney just about every year.)
After some thought, I decided to just apply, what’s the worst that could happen right?

So here we are, on my bed at 4:13 a.m. because my insomnia doesn’t let me wind down. I will say my under eyes circles have never looked better! 🥲

It’s too soon to even continue talking about my adventure because I won’t officially be leaving until June it’s current March. However, I can’t help but be excited for this amazing opportunity yet stress over not knowing all the details, it literally makes my eye twitch. 😂

TTYL is that even a thing still?

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My Favorites!

Monthly Faves (:

I’ve put a lot of time,energy, and money into trying new products. Sadly not all product have been a hit! So I decided to share my monthly favorites. You have full access to my favorite beauty products, foods, places, and fashion items. You name it’s here, well maybe… (:

B E A U T Y (:

Over the past decade, I can happily say I’ve had my fare share in beauty fails. However, after MANY trial and errors I have been lucky enough to find some amazing Holy grails! 🤗 Altough this cream can be considered a concealer, I like to use it mainly on my cheeks where I have a bit of discoloration.

PROS: blends nicely with makeup and a little goes a long way! Can also be worn alone for more of a “Natural look.”

CONS: the container is small and it is more on the pricey side. The item retails at $35.00 (U.S)

F A S H I O N (:

I am a picky picky person when it comes to leggings but I did it. I found the leggings my legs belong to! Lol (Thanks target) These babies are are so smooth so soft, great material and I own at least 5 pairs of the exact same leggings.

PROS: Material is great, Black does not fade when washed

CONS: Almost always sold out in stores. So ordering online is your best bet!

F O O D (:

When I tell you I have been OBSESSED with these Chobani yogurts, Ya girl ain’t kidding! I’m not the biggest fan of Greek yogurt because of the thick consistency almost chunky like if you know what I mean, but these are absolutely delicious! I feel like I could drink these ALL DAY!

PROS: Greek yogurt is water down so it’s a lot smoother. Plus you can take it on the go and drink throughout your day!

CONS: I have not seen these drinks sold in a pack at your local grocers. So you would be buying each yogurt Individually which can be pricey after awhile. However, if you have the time your local Costco or Sams club should sell the packs!

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