Hi Everyone☺️

About Me

I’m 23 years old and a full time student in nursing school as well as a full time Patient Care Technician at a hospital and a “boss babe” in training as well as a full time dog mom and I love every minute of it. Helping people in any way is my passion which is why I want to become a nurse. Nothing makes me happier , besides my sweet puppy, than to help anyone in any way that I can.

I’m always working and in my spare time I’m spending time with my family and my pup. You can always catch me on the go most of the time because I’m always getting stuff done.

I have recently just started taking my life into my own hands and took a leap into starting my empire and I couldn’t be more excited with this new journey life has brought me. You’ll probably see me talk about my business a lot but that’s just because I’m beyond eager to get my life together in every way and be able to work from home since I’m not home too much right now anyway. This business gives me more time to spend at home and I couldn’t be more happy for that. So you guys will get to see me and my business grow in this journey. Hope everyone accomplished everything they want to and thanks for taking the time to learn about me. Have a great day❤️