Hey Team!

We’re here to connect right? Well let’s get to it then!

I’m Asia! Most if my friends call me A, so go ahead and do that if you’d like. Full transparency, I have no idea what to write here so I’m totally winging it (per usual).

I work a full time job in non profit, while also running an online beauty business & helping others do the same! My educational background is in social work, and I’ve always been motivated by connections and helping others. But the realities of adulting have set in, and the fact is my career in non profit will never fund the lifestyle I’m manifesting for myself. Cue entrepreneur life!

Speaking of adulting, I am also the creator and co-host of Done With Adulting Podcast— a safe space for fed up millennials. DWA is my passion project, my weekly makeshift therapy and everything in between. All I REALLY want is to create a platform that will help others, create connections, and start constructive conversation, while we navigate this thing called life.

Other random facts about me that may or may not be relevant: I love French Fries to death, I have a very deep fear of birds, and I am a former collegiate basketball player & coach.

On the next page you’re going to find links to my passions. If you see something you like, click it.
There’s nothing to lose here.