Hi Beautiful One!

I am Kathi. I’m Brooklyn born, Queens raised and New Jersey grown. I love being known as mom my beautiful and fun daughter, Alexa.

I’ve spent most of my working life in Corporate America as an Executive Assistant managing other people’s lives. Though I do enjoy the career, it wasn’t fueling my passion. I knew I needed something to ignite my spark, I just couldn’t figure out what it could be.

After suffering from the loss of two very close loved ones, the stress of this complicated grief had wrecked havoc on my body.
I had begun to experience hair loss, weight loss and felt like I was overheating all the time!
Shortly afterwards I was diagnosed with Graves hyperthyroidism.

For the years that followed I was unable to get grow my hair past my collarbone, I even had hair extensions to create fullness! I wanted my old hair density back. It seemed like this was going to be my fate and I wasn’t happy.

As luck would have it, in 2018 my stylist started using an Natured based, Anti-aging haircare line that was nothing like she had seen before; it actually delivered the results it claimed. I was one of her first customers to get on “the sauce”
After 1 month of continued use I was seeing a change in my hair. And as they say ..”the rest is history “

I loved the products so much, I decided to put down the remote control, curb the binge watching and invest in myself.

Now, I’m helping women over 50 feel confident with their own hair and skin. Oh and I’m dishing out some saucy wisdom on life’s triumphs and tribulations.