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Hi there, I'm Deidre. A multipotentialite fuelled by her passion for not only understanding the nuances of human connection and relationships but her commitment to ensuring that Kingdom relationships have the resources needed to thrive and replicate throughout generations.

I've witnessed, too many times, the debilitating effects of wrong and toxic relationships on the Kingdom. We have sunday schools full of children yet happy and successful marriages are few and far between in our pews.

There aren't many good, godly examples of courting, marriage and romance to draw from so we end up circling the drain of multiple failed relationships only to bottom out and never try again or to end up accepting the next thing passing with two legs and a half.decent offer.

I know how frustrating it can all be and how tiring it is. I also know first hand how disastrous a toxic relationship can be. I was able to snap out of it and I'm here to help you snap out of it too! I'll walk you through the same process of healing I went through before I was found by the man God handpicked and prepared for me and prepared ME for.

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Check out this webinar I did with Lady Charlene over at Worth Inc. on Healing from Toxic Relationships

Healing From Toxic Relationships with Coach Deidre Bennett