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Welcome to As Told By the Stars; by yours truly. My name is Alexis and I'm a 28 year old astrology and tarot enthusiast. As of now (year 2021) I have been actively studying western astrology and modern tarot for 5 years. Although I've been interested in these subjects since my middle school years, I just recently flipped the switch from "dabbling" in the subjects to hard-core research in an effort to learn everything I can. As a disclaimer - I'm still learning more every single day.

Tarot is my best subject, I'm very confident in reading for others and I have done so too many times to count. I also enjoy pulling up natal birth charts to give reports as well. In the beginning, I was just doing them for fun and to help my friends through difficult times. I kept finding out new things; and with all the knowledge I've acquired I felt even more eager to reach a bigger audience with the things that I've learned. And that, my dear readers; is what led me here.

My goal is to offer readings for the general public. Astrological natal reports take a bit longer than a tarot reading but it all depends on what you are more interested in. I would love to further my studies but to do so I have to connect with others who are willing to learn more about themselves. Astrology and tarot are the easiest ways to find things out about you as a person, the people around you, love and career, or just your life in general! Honestly there's even more than just those basics I mentioned! I'm hoping that if you've made it this far into my little chat session then you'll be willing to help me help you. I would be honored to show you guys why you shine so brightly in this vast universe. Tarot can be a general thing but your astrology is what makes you who you are. Once you have your birth chart, you literally have your own personalized cheat code to life.

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So this is how it's going to work

For Tarot Readings:

Please email me regarding whether you would like a general reading or something a bit more specific. Include your full name and birthday with the year you were born. General readings are $25 whereas specific messages are $35. The card spreads will be between 4 to 16 cards depending on what has been asked. My email link is located on the next page.

For Birth Chart Reports:

General reports are $45 (you'll find out all 12 of your planet placements including the sign and house they are in, along with major planetary aspects). Reports based on specific areas of your life vary between $50-$60 (this depends on how many houses or aspects we have to look at to determine an answer). Before I work on your chart I will reply to the email so we can determine a price before starting.

🌹 Payments Must Be Sent Before All Readings & Reports 🌹