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Hello, world, people of the universe, or anyone taking a few moments out of their very fulfilling lives to read this. My name is Zhae, pronounced like j aye. Well, at least that is what my friends call me. So you are free to do the same. Especially since I hope we call all become great friends down the road.

I am 24 years of age. I graduated from college back in 2019. Since graduation, I have been trying to find my role in this world. College prepares you for a lot, but it does throw you in with the wolves once you are out. It also did not help that a worldwide pandemic struck a few months after. With the world shut down, it left me with a lot of questions for myself. Most people came out on the other end of the pandemic with new careers, degrees, old talents revitalized, etc. As for me, I was just relieved to come out in one piece. It was more of a journey of realizing the things I wish to attain for myself in life.

So here I am creating this page and adding this "about me info” to hold myself accountable. To some, this may be impossible but, I am going to figure it. You guys are more than welcome to watch me on this journey to live life and grow because we are never who we were yesterday. As a result, before I go here are a few things to know:

1. Adulting is hard no one knows how to do it. Everyone is just figuring it out along the way. As am i.
2. I love trying new things even if they scare me at first. I am still always willing to give it a go. (At least once) so try something new.
3. My opinions are just that my opinions don’t hold it against me and I won’t hold yours against you.
4. Never dim your light because you think it will make other people shine. I promise you it won't.
5. If you know me in the real world, on here no you don't.

Bye for now.

We Are The WINX 🧚🏾

From Aisha here ( lol iyk then yk )