Hey! My name is Astrid. Im here to help you grow your business online through social media.

What is a virtual assistant?

Personal assistance that helps you take back your time again. By handing over your tasks to a virtual assistant will save your time, so you can book more clients for your business and earn your money.

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My Services


• content creation
• content scheduling
• hashtag research & sets
• engagement management
• copywriting

Administration Services

• inbox management
• client communication
• calendar management
• errands online

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Instagram Services

content creation: creating graphics through canva (graphic design software) or helping you make those final touches to an image, I can create you content to post on multiple social media platforms.

content scheduling: I can create you a content schedule calendar, which all your social media content is prepared and scheduled to be posted online. You’ll know what’s being posted , and when its being posted without lifting a finger,

hashtag research& sets: hashtags are an incredibly important part of growing your online presence, and its important part of growing your online presence, and its important to understand how to use them effectively. Using IQ hashtags (premium software analyzing hashtag performance) I can really get to grips with what hashtags will make your social media pop.

engagement management: regularly engaging on your social media platforms, liking, commenting, following, etc.

copywriting: writing your captions in a way that really represents your brand, this can extend onto written work for your website too.

Admin Services

inbox management: organizing your emails to ensure that they don’t get lost and are easy to keep on top of

client communication: responding to emails, DMs and message from client

calendar management: help with scheduling appointment and managing events so you can kiss goodbye to the pain of scheduling your life.

errands (online): need someone to oder you something or to book you a flight to your next meeting i’ve got it handled.


Choose your package !

5hr/ week

Let me give you a helping hand! This is a good package to choose if you’re a little unsure.

10hr/ week

This package will allow me to really get involved and evaluate your business

15hr/ week

A more premium package to really get things done & grow your business.