I see you- No, I really do.

You keep grinding, but something’s in your way-
Babe. It’s you
It’s what you believe about yourself, the limits you place on your potential and who you are and why you’re here.
Let me help you untangle.
You’re safe with me, because I’ve been all tangled up before, too.

You already know why you’re here. You know what you’re doing. You’re unsure of the steps.
You have the map- you just need to learn how to read it.

I use astrology in my coaching practice as a healer, astrologer and psychIc. Your natal chart tells a story. Of this life, of lifetimes past, of everything you’re here to learn in this lifetime but what it also shows us-
Is where we are standing in our own way.
I use your chart to help you release blockages pertaining to your karma, and help you see your truest potential- by doing some deep inner work with you. I help you shine a light on where it hurts, and help you look at those places with love.
We are here, to be our best selves and that often involves deep inner work and radical self love and forgiveness.
Working with your sacred blend of astrological energies can really help you powerfully come into alignment with your highest possible expression.
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