Astrology with Akasha

Hello beautiful soul! 🤍
I’m happy that your inner guidance has led you here. I’m Akasha, I am an intuitive and evolutionary astrologer, and I would love to guide you through your connection with the cosmos ✨ Together we can dive deep into the unique cosmic blueprint that is your birth chart, as well as explore what the current celestial cycles are reflecting to you…are you ready to work with the astrological energies to create powerful healing, growth & fulfilment in all areas of your life?

I offer different types of readings, all of which are deeply personal & detailed. I invite you to take a moment to tune into your body, your heart space & your intuition…then take a look at my offerings and feel into which type of reading you feel drawn to.

Birth Chart Reading ~
Your birth chart is a snapshot of the cosmos at the time you were born. Everything happens in divine timing, and your birth chart reflects this. Your soul chose to come through at a specific time, when certain energies were present, desiring to infuse with these energies and explore them deeply in this incarnation. In a birth chart reading, I guide you through your unique cosmic blueprint. We explore how the energy of your astrological placements are reflected in your human experience, and how you can consciously work with these energies for healing, learning, integration, evolution & fulfilment in all areas of your life (identity, relationships, career, your gifts, areas in need of balance & healing, ancestral & past life patterns, your highest potential & more)
1.5 hour deep dive session in the form of a recorded video call ~ $155

Energetic Forecast ~
While a birth chart reading explores the astrological energies that will be emphasised for you throughout your life, an energetic forecast reading explores what the current & future cosmic energies are reflecting to you. The celestial bodies are always moving through cycles, creating another layer of continuously changing energetic influence. In this type of reading, I offer you guidance on how you can move through cosmic shifts with awareness and intentionally work with these energies for healing, learning, integration, evolution & fulfilment in all areas of your life.
3 month in depth energetic forecast in the form of a 1 hour recorded video call ~ $111

Relationship Reading ~
Our individual astrological energies interact in unique ways with everyone we relate with. In this type of reading, I guide you through the birth chart placements of you and a person of your choice (this reading suits any type of relationship) and we discover how your astrological energies influence each other. We also explore your love languages & relating styles, the strengths of the relationship and areas in need of strengthening, past life connections and the higher purpose of the relationship.
2 hour deep dive session in the form of a recorded video call ~ $222

Once you know which type of reading/s you would like to receive, send me an email and we will book in a session together 🤍 [email protected] (linked below)

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