About Me!

Hobby Freelance Artist/Anime Fanatic/Space Nerd™️

Hey! My name is Chiamaka (moon/cel/sky pronouns), I'm an anime digital artist from Ireland. I love creating and writing stories with all the original characters I make and I draw them loads. I particularly enjoy creating art with my favourite colour palette of purple, blue and pink (I'm all for the space-y vibes, if you haven't gotten the hint from my username already!). I'm always working to explore and improve in my art and I'm lucky to have many friends and mutuals who keep me motivated in my art journey.

I'm a hobby artist and a full time pharmacy student. As busy as I already am, I hope to make a webcomic one day! Rather, many webcomics but one step at a time right? I'm currently working on improving my skills so I can get started on my first one. Thank you for reading, I hope you continue to support me in my journey!

☆ How long have you been drawing?
- I've been drawing ever since I was a kid. In terms of taking it seriously and working on the fundamentals, about 2 years now.

☆ How old are you ?
- 17.

☆ What device and art program do you use ?
- I use Krita with a Huion Inspiroy.

☆ Do you have a favourite colour palette?
- I prefer to use cooler colours, my favourite consists of purples, blues and a bit of pink to contrast.

☆ Do you do commissions?
- Yes, however they are not open at the moment.