my website!

what my website includes:
- about me
- addressing things
- fonts for my theme
- credits
- thank you note

about me

- my name's wes
- i'm 13 years old ( turning 14 on thr 18th november )
- my fav color is pastel blue
- my fav song is "hard to face reality" by poo bear
- i speak bulgarian, englisch and german

addressing things

- "coloring tut?" i won't be doing a coloring tut for no but in the future my opinion might change.

- "can i join ur acc?" the only ppl that i might allow to join my account in the future are diana and alina bc i don't trust ppl i don't know.

- "i posted mind taking a look?" i rrly hate self promo and if u comment something promoting ur acc the comment will get deleted and u will get blocked.

- "*hate comment*" i will mostlikely react to it and it will later be deleted and u will get blocked so no need to comment anyway.

i'm very sorry if the way i'm expressing myself when i'm saying these things sounds rude.

fonts for my theme

- atmchr: cream demo
- question/ main text: hug me tight

u can download both of these fonts on safari/google on ""


- user credits: @atmchxr !!
- theme credits: me !!
- coloring credits: me !!
- profile picture credits: me !!
- bio credits: me !!

Thank you note

tysm for all the support and 7k+ i'm
so gratefull and so happy to have
y'all. i love every single one of u and i
can't believe i have made it this far!!