Attila Theatre

Making theatre in London & beyond.

Attila Theatre were formed in 2012 by University of Reading grads Chris Montague and Ashley Davies.

We like to make theatre that engages with popular culture using dark humour and a distinctive visual style.

Skin Deep

Myth. Murderer. Monster.

Erzsébet Báthory was one of the most powerful women in sixteenth century Europe; heir of a powerful dynasty, wife of a decorated war-hero and countess to a vast fortune. She later became a serial killer - allegedly killing nearly 600 young women in cold blood.

Written by Lee Anderson
Directed by Chris Montague & Ailin Conant

Hanna Rohtla
Lilian Tsang
Natalie Pailing
Philippa James
Clementine Mills
Rachel August
Katie Turner
Ashley Winter
Oscar Scott-White
Matthew Wellard
Mike Archer

"A wonderfully tense hour of bloody murder, witty dialogue & complex female characters" - The Upcoming

"A Quality production with an excellent script"- Female Arts

"Intriguing and atmospheric" - The Open Door

The Frogs

Based on Aristophanes classic text

The Pluto regime rules the underworld. Artistic censorship blights the city of Hades and if your art is not pre-approved by the state then it is classed as an illegal act.

Punters can find illicit underground entertainment if they care to look though... Wilma and her music hall troupe of outcasts are out to show you the time of your afterlife. They're performing the banned ancient comedy The Frogs!

Inspired by Aristophanes' original text, Attila's clown ensemble tackle censorship, artistic license and the innate desire to be loved.

Directed by Ashley Davies

Flora Nisbet-Dawson
Rowan Douglas
Kirsty Jayne Hobson
Nebiu Samuel
Pavlos Christodoulou
Christopher Montague

Reading Fringe winner: Best Director

"Electric anticipation and promise of glorious mischief” - Londontheatre1

"Wonderful, chaotic (deliberately) ramshackle cabaret version of The Frogs" - Audience feedback

"Like Horrible Histories on acid" - Audience feedback


Shoot. Get Treasure. Repeat.

By Mark Ravenhill

A man is attacked in the theatre.
A soldier occupies a family home.
A city mourns for it's dead enemies.

Using the landscape of an occupied nation to explore propaganda and fear mongering in western print and broadcast media, we tackled 4 plays in Ravenhill's powerful text.

Lee Anderson
Katie Gunning
Dean Lamb
Christopher Montague
Rachel Trim
Esther Walters
Matthew Wellard
Ashley Winter

"Deeply political and, at times, gruesomely shocking" - GetReading