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Hi! Thanks for digging just a little deeper to see who I am! I’m curious about you! I don’t have to know you ... I just naturally want to know what you are about. I’m age-less... I do NOT act my age and am a little bit of everything all rolled into one. I love love love living in Central Texas! From the ever increasing skyline of Austin to the wine country, waterways, lakes, ranches and wide open spaces I love it all! I am the first to admit that I’m not the master of anything. Honestly I don’t really think I have anything interesting to say because I don’t know all the fancy fru fru things 😂. But here we are!. I am down to earth, a little quirky and have to google everything that I want to talk about because my memory is so bad! I am just trying to learn and accept Austin as it grows and changes and myself as I transition from young and dumb to older and still pretty dumb 🤪

I won’t use words you don’t know without explaining what it means (after I look it up myself) and I promise I will tell you the truth! I don’t follow any of the IG “rules and suggestions” I just do my own thing so I probably can’t coach anyone on the IG, but I can tell you who to go to! My IG/blog/Pinterest is about what I discover and who I meet along the way as I learn to navigate this strange new city that is rising up around us.

I love to support local companies and I can’t wait to show you my favorite things!!! I want to hear about your favorites too!!

I also love to support the arts and other women and social media people and to hang with unpretentious people who are really real! If you follow me, you will find that I’m a rule breaker and I forge my own way. I’m always game to shake up the status quo.

How do you shake things up?? I’d love to know!

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Must See

Things to see before you leave Austin

There are many amazing things to see in Austin, but these are my top Recs!

Recommendation #1

It’s quirky, casual, fun with a bent toward the sustainable. You have to try 🌸 The Lucky Robot 🤖

Recommendation #2

Write 1-2 sentences describing what followers will find when they tap the link.

Recommendation #3

Write 1-2 sentences describing what followers will find when they tap the link.