Hi everyone, I’m Aubrey! I love to help others achieve their hair, skin and wellness goals. I want to show everyone what I can do to help and how I can change your life. Thanks for taking the time to look into my business!


My top recommendations for you!

Monat is a non toxic, vegan hair care, skin care, and wellness line. The products are specifically designed for every hair or skin type. There is literally a product for everybody. Changing your products to non toxic could change your life. These products will help to strengthen, grow, and protect every strand of your hair. They will help keep your skin youthful and work from the inside out to keep your hair and skin to its fullest potential. Make the switch today to see just what your hair and skin is made of!

Recommendation #1

Monat Hair Care- message me to take a hair quiz so we can see exactly what your hair needs!

Recommendation #2

Monat Skin Care- message me to take a quick skin quiz so we can see what will work best for your skin!

Recommendation #3

Monat Wellness- message me for details on our new wellness line and what it includes!

Join me!

Come be apart of this amazing opportunity and all it has to offer!

This business gives you the luxury of working from anywhere at anytime! The compensation plan is one of the best in network marketing and gives you many ways to succeed. I am currently half way through the compensation plan and very close to the free car rank! I have earned a free trip to Vegas in the first 4 months of my business as well and plan to earn many more to places like the Dominican Republic and Cancun!

This business truly is for anyone from any background. What you put into your business is what you will get out and I will be here to work with you, at the pace you’d like, to reach your goals! The community of strong, like minded women is the cherry on top. Everyone pushes you to succeed and helps you get there. You’re never alone in this business and you have all the resources to be successful! Come join my amazing team, we’re waiting for you!🤍