Welcome 🤍

Who am I, you may be wondering..

Hello beautiful soul, I am Aubree!

Welcome to my world.

I love, love.

In all forms.

The true essence of who we are at a soul level, is love.

We are made to love and be loved.

But most times we forget that the foundation to loving and being loved comes from within first

For many years I yearned for more love..

More love from my mom.. my dad.. anyone and everyone outside of myself.

But it wasn’t until I realized that true fulfillment came from within, that everything shifted for me.

I come from a background where I felt that I was never enough. My dad was in and out, my mom and I didn’t get along, so I was always begging for love and acceptance. I craved it. I also did anything in hopes of acquiring it.

The moment I realized I didn’t need outside sources of love was when I was 19 years old. I had recently gotten out of a relationship and my heart was broken. I felt unlovable, I felt lost, I felt as though everything I ever hoped for wasn’t truly available or real.

Because I felt that way, it made me unmotivated and unsure of who I was or what I was really on this planet to do.

My motto was always “everything happens for a reason” but when I FINALLY understood that the “reason” was me.. my whole world 180’d.

I finally realized that my whole outer world was a direct reflection of my inner world.

I didn’t want to feel unworthy and lost anymore.

I didn’t want to just survive and go through the motions, I want to THRIVE and live a life that I am proud of.

So I stopped making excuses for myself and started moving towards what I truly knew that I desired.

Which was complete embodiment of loving all that I am and becoming the most elite version of myself.

It doesn’t matter how you start, it just matters that you do.

Nobody is perfect at something the first time around.

Self-Love is a journey and not a 1 stop destination.

Self-discipline = self-love

The day you decide you deserve more, is the day that everything can change for you.

I chose to learn the foundations when I didn’t even know what real self love was.

I chose to show up everyday on a consistent basis because I knew the ultimate goal I was striving for.

I didn’t want to live a life of sadness and lack of fulfillment, knowing deep down that there was more for me.

I wanted to be able to show up for myself so that I could show up for others in a way that nobody ever has before.

I did this deep inner work so that I could help you love you.

I went all in so that I could pave a way that makes your journey a little bit easier.

Self-love is the most powerful form of love there is.

Loving yourself means you chose yourself when the whole world told you that it is selfish.

Let me tell you something so important..

Putting yourself first is not rude or selfish, in fact, it is a super power.

Self love is A SUPER POWER.

Mastering loving yourself first allows you to love others in a way that most never fully understand.

Self love is pure.
Self love is power.
Self love is truth.
Self love is light.

You are worthy of loving yourself.

And I am here to help guide you to the true embodiment of loving yourself.

I need you to know..

It’s not easy.

The journey of embodying the fullness of loving yourself is not easy..

There’s no magic potion

There’s no quick fix

There’s no easy way out

The only way??

straight through..

The self doubt

The feelings of unworthiness

The lack of discipline

The excuses

And lots more..

I want you to know that

You can do it.

You can achieve what you’ve always desired..

But YOU have to make the decision that it’s the only way.

YOU have to make the decision to declare that MASTERING yourself is the ONLY WAY.

There can be fear, because that makes you human.

But you can’t let that fear hold you back from truly going all in.

Not to be all cheesy but..

You are the captain of your ship.

The only way to become all that you truly yearn for is going all in and STRAIGHT THROUGH.

Work w/ me 1-1

You ready to go all in?

I work with women who are ready to show up for themself and never look back.

All I want is for you to see the true value of who you are, to love yourself without limitation, and let me tell you.. it’s within reach.

There’s no way around the work, and that’s a truth.

I’m here to help guide you and hold you accountable to reaching the next level of your life and becoming who you truly desire being.

We will do that through the power of your mind, body, & soul connection.

Ready to dive in?

First page had a link to book a call, let’s see if I can help bridge the gap of who you are and who you want to be 🤍

Talk soon.