Ready to make magic happen?

Hey girl hey!
I’m Aubrey. I’m 20 years old & I do nails for a living as well as promote these products I’m using and loving. My goal is to work hard while I’m young so when I’m older I can make my money work for me. That’s how you become a millionaire right?
This company has offered way more than a means to make an extra income though. Mindset is a big part of this company & has always been important to me. I struggled with depression and anxiety when I was young but it didn’t have a name back then. It wasn’t until I met a friend that straight up told me “you have an awful mindset” that I realized my mindset dictated my entire life. From that point on I have been working to keep a good mindset. With that came so many more opportunities & I became so much more excited about life. So when I was presented this opportunity, I jumped on it so fast. Well, maybe not that fast. I was skeptical at first, but I decided to take the risk. I had just lost my job because of covid & I saw other girls thriving and I was like “I can do this too!”.. so now I am.
And you can too!
Monat is a vegan anti-aging hair and skin care company (and recently wellness). The products can promote hair growth and repair damaged hair. The skin care can clear up your face or give you that natural glow you’ve been searching for.
If you slide over to the next page you’ll see 3 quizzes. Pick which ever you’re interested in or all 3 and I’ll reach out ASAP.
I can’t wait to talk to you :)