My AudubonLaneLife

Hi! I’m Wendy...

I’m really excited to share my love for decorating, bargain hunting, cooking, entertaining, DIYs...just about everything!

I guess you could say this is my “third act”. I’m 55, married to an incredible man, the mother of 5 fabulous kids plus 3 fur babies and a former Sales Manager for a top Medical Device company. Sounds pretty straight forward, right? Well, I’ve learned we all have a personal story and rarely is anyone’s life as it appears. Most of us have something that has shaped our lives, but it’s usually only known to us, or a very few friends and family. My story, our story, has been lived more openly. You see when I was 39, my husband died suddenly and I became a widow. My two boys were very young, just 3 and 7. It was devastating, but I committed to making sure my boys had a happy childhood and a physically and mentally healthy Mom. With the support of family and friends we adjusted to our new normal. Then, about a year and a half later my cousin and her husband introduced me to Joe. Joe was also widowed and had 3 children. That introduction changed the course of all of our lives forever. We were married and I became a Mom to 5 kids! There are so many stories I can share, and likely will, but for now, let’s just say the moon and stars lined up for us. We are so incredibly thankful, and yes! Lucky!! Well, as you can imagine, it was hard to work outside the home and have 5 school age children, so after a lot of thought, and the good fortune to be able to do it, I left my corporate job to be a stay at home mom. I honestly never looked back, which was a bit shocking to me, since I had always worked. But, I embraced my new life and began my “second act” as to Laura, Joey, Bradley, Katie and Colin. Fast forward to now. Our oldest daughter is married, three of the kids are living on their own, and had all moved out within one month of each other! We even moved two of them on the same weekend! Our youngest is in college ...virtually. Life has changed a lot!!! So, here I am in “Act 3”. The house is almost empty and I have more time to spend doing things I enjoy and try things I’ve always wanted to do. Life is about change and I always choose to embrace it. First up...writing this Blog. Next...those empty bedrooms!!

Morning walks

nature is my therapy

I’ve always loved nature. From the time i was a young girl I loved being outside and exploring. Growing up in Warren before it was crowded and disjointed like it is today, there was 1 traffic light at the center of town and Bardy Farms was actually a farm. I rode my horse after school and explored the woods where I’d find Indian arrowheads and long abandoned hunters tree stands. Skunk cabbage, salamanders and always wild berries in the woods. So, taking walks at Mercer Meadows brings back memories like these. It’s good to remember. It feels good, very good...

New Hobbies

“Everything old is new again...”

A few months ago I came upon an IG account (@r.house_ ) She has THE MOST beautiful greenhouse this far more than a typical greenhouse. Actually, it isn’t a greenhouse at all. As I looked through her account I immediately loved her decor. Everything was white or bright and airy. Just beautiful!! Then i found out she had painted most of the furniture with Chalk Paint. I’d never heard of it but was intrigued. I watched her videos, found other accounts and decided it was time for me to get on board. I started with a ceramic planter, then a pedestal, terrarium, nightstand and this dresser. I’m addicted!! I’m looking at all that old dark furniture in my basement in a different way these days. Oh the possibilities!! Secretly building my furniture arsenal for my future modern farm dream house!!!