A little more about me & my why!

I’m ‘Auli’i Meyer, i’m 18 years old and I live on the Big Island of Hawaii. I am a soon to be mother of one and i’m going to share why I decided to start with Monat!

I am expecting my first child in may and I wanted to be apart of a team of amazing people, lots of whom are mothers. I want to work with people who can help me on this journey and give me advice and information that can guide me to my future. My goals in this business is to help others become more confident and feel beautiful in their skin! As women and even as men, we care a lot on our appearances and how others see us. But what really matters is how you FEEL! These products can AND WILL help you feel so much better about yourself! They will boost your confidence and self esteem and help you feel more comfortable in your skin.

Benefits of becoming your own boss!

Work whenever, from wherever!
Get paid 5x a month!
Have more time for yourself!
Promote products that you love!
Work with tons of amazing people who will do nothing but help & support you!

How to get started & become your own boss!

Send me a message & we can get to talking!
Instagram @aulii.m

-Start by taking one or two quick quizzes to find out which products are best for you!
-Once you get your recommended products, pick & buy a product pack! Each product pack comes with the products that were recommended for you and more for you to have!
-Once you get signed up, you can start selling! You don’t even have to wait to get your products to start making money!
-Get others to sign up & buy the products that you are promoting!

It’s as simple as that! Your success depends on you as a market partner! The more you reach out to others, the more people you will get to sign up, the more success you achieve!

Not interested in selling products but still want to use them?


Becoming a VIP has so much perks & is the next best thing from becoming a Market Partner!

Becoming a VIP:
-Take one or two simple quizzes (hair, skin, or both)
-Get your products recommended to you from your sponsor
-Have your cart put together by sponsor (We always send you an overview of what your cart looks like just in case you don’t want something that is in there or it’s too expensive and want something put on the side for later!)
-Either you or your sponsor will put in your information & that’s it! You will have your perfect products sent to you!

Perks of becoming a VIP:
You pay the price of your products in your cart with a ONE TIME VIP fee of $19.99. You get 15% off of everything, free shipping FOREVER, free gifts, free birthday gifts, & you’re able to get in on the flash sales! And let me just say, flash sales happen very often, so you’re in for a real treat! Your first purchase will be your most expensive but it is so WORTH IT! Our products are so concentrated so a little goes a long way! Because of this, your products will last you anywhere from 2-3 months! Another perk is if you refer a friend, you get $20 off your next purchase! If in the end, you are not happy with the results you are getting, we have a 30-day money back guarantee!