The Legends Who Create Now Determine Their Music’s Fate

What if legendary producers, songwriters and composers had the resources, funding, and power to decide the fate of the Music industry?

You do.

Long term investments, from the same banks that underwrite the labels, without predatory loans (advances), and loss of master and composition IP rights and royalties.

Autonomy to decide the artists, projects and singles you want to put out.

Complete ownership, security, and control of content for legendary musical professionals

World wide distribution at rates under 4% compared to 20%- 35% charge by competitors like TuneCore.

Autonomy Costs

“When You Give Yourself Away, And You Give, And You Give…”

Positioned as the only way the get money - entertainers sign deals that give away 80% of the projects IP for “advances” (predatory loans) out of desperation. Marketed as providing label services this often is the least expensive form of generic marketing available, replicated multiple times, leaving the onus on the artist to pay for quality content themselves.

When the middleman (major labels, distributors, and platforms) are in charge only 2% of music creators make more than $1000 / year, on streaming.

Feature Artists (Entertainers) take excessive percentages of the composition, the song, release it on their schedule and decide how well it performs.

Often leaving the legendary producers and songwriters to sit for years waiting to be paid, and to never be credited for their work.


Grimes makes $6 million on Web3

Fans will pay for and engage with music when not isolated by platforms and high fees


Cypress Hill Launches In Rhthm

Selling out their initial collection in under 48 hours, premiering a documentary and reconnecting with old fans while make new ones because

fans and followers are not the same things

Kanye West Makes $2.2M a day from stem player

Allowing fans to collect combine and remix his songs creates a uniquely personal experience with the music.

Own The Origin Story of Your Songs

“It’s Been A Long, A Long time coming but I know that, a change is gonna come.”

Make premium content, create a subscription package, reward your subscriber base all directly with fans.
Promote strategically without paying for followers
Customize look, feel and release experiences to you.
Own your Metadata from demo 1, day 1 so it cannot be manipulated
Track your music and prevent infringement
Make music participatory and experiential again


The Stuff of Legends

With best-in-class, optimized solutions for traditional and web3 releases, funding without predatory lending and giving up all of your copyrights, better resources, higher quality merchandise, and hundreds of collaborative marketing and additional licensing, live performance and sync exposure opportunities, your art and the artists you choose will become “the stuff of legends.”

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Empowerment and Freedom

Cut the red tape, remove the box that categorizes your art, and create experiences and music projects of high quality, with professional teams and collaborations of your choice.

Snapshot of Services

“You got the best of what’s around…”

- full service investments for long term gain
- custom content creation studios with optional creative directors

- worldwide marketing, press offices & top radio promoters available for your releases, announcements and more

- 50% market share at live tour and performance venues, local to global promoters and agent intros

- digital collectibles- t-shirts, vinyl, mugs, hoodies, headphones, audio glasses, and more

- ticketing with custom collectibles

- POA for live stream, extra content, to earn a spot on the leaderboard

- physical and digital cross over merchandise

- masterclass and cameo-esque platforms and features custom built for you and able to be licensed

- tokenized, gated access, vip fan status, leaderboards and rewards weaponize fans

- licensing and endorsement with partners in entertainment, fashion, sports film and Tv as well as streaming and on global networks