About Me

“The Salt Lady”

A few years ago, whilst looking for natural pain relief to help my Endometriosis and Adenomyosis, I stumbled upon Himalayan salt. I spent hours researching the benefits of Himalayan salt and then found a few different posts about using essential oils to compliment the salt.

I made a pot for my pain with lavender essential oil, that I had already, and Lavender from my front garden. This is where “Aureus Salis” came into my life...

Now, I have different blends for different uses. Need help sleeping? Try “Shhh” for a great nights sleep. Hangover? “Detox” will make you feel like a new person. I’ve recently wandered into the realms of CBD, which has given my business a whole extra level of helping people.

I use 100% Himalayan Salt and cosmetically safe essential oils in all of my products, so they can be enjoyed by everyone, even those with the most sensitive skin. I spend a lot of time researching my blends and I can even customise them to suit my customers needs.

My hope is to open more people’s
eyes to natural pain relief and also to encourage my customers to take the time out to look after themselves. Nothing is more relaxing than a hot bath after a stressful day. This goes for children too.

Aureus Salis is about looking after you and your family with natural products.

What is Himalayan Salt?

Pink Himalayan salt is a special type of rock salt that contains plenty of health benefits, particularly because it offers more than 84 natural elements in their mineral form. Being formed more than 250 million years ago, it is considered as the purest and most valuable salt on earth today.

Studies have shown that it has incredible ionic energy, which means that it helps to neutralize electromagnetic radiation and air pollution. Due to this, pink Himalayan salt is also used in the form of crystal salt lamps, bath salts, and as cooking slabs.

Where Does Himalayan Salt Originate from?
It originates from the foothills of the Himalayan mountains in Pakistan and is found in salt beds that are protected by layers of ancient lava. It is collected and hand washed, being crafted either into thick slabs or ground into crystal form.

Why is it Healthier than Table Salt?
Being the product of ancient tectonic pressure combined with natural spring water, Himalayan salt contains no contaminants or pollutants, unlike table salt, which is made from chemically cleaned sodium chloride.

Table salt also contains added iodine, anti-caking agents, and bleach, which is known to overwhelm the body’s elimination and fluid balance systems.

Reduces Water Retention
The World Health Organization recommends limiting salt intake to 2000 milligrams per day, which is equivalent to one teaspoon per day, to maintain a healthy fluid balance.

However, Himalayan pink salt contains up to 82% less sodium and is 100% natural, which means that a simple switch from table salt to this incredible sea salt will help to prevent excess water retention while additionally being more flavourful.

Balances Blood Pressure
Hypertension, a dangerous condition of chronic high blood pressure, can be caused by an excess of sodium and additives in the diet, which makes it important to cut out table salt and to replace it with Himalayan salt.

Research has shown that this simple switch can help to reduce and balance blood pressure within 21 days, which helps to reduce the risk of developing heart disease and strokes.

Prevents Muscle Cramps
Magnesium is an important mineral for preventing muscle cramps, menstrual cramps, and spasms, and Himalayan salt contains plenty of it.

These natural salt crystals are highly absorbable, offering the body a rich dose of purifying minerals that help to rejuvenate fatigued muscles. Some athletes are known to add a pinch of pink salt to their drinking water to improve electrolyte and fluid balance, which prevents unnecessary cramping.


Relax, Soak & Unwind

Here is a product list of all of my collections. I also add “specials” for things like Valentine’s and Mother’s Day.

Collections can have Customisable items which will be stated in the description. Smaller items, such as bath bombs, can vary depending on stock but I try to keep it similar.

CBD set

CBD oil is great for pain and aiding sleep.

This set contains:

~ Serenity CBD Bath Salts, (Lemongrass and White Tea)

~ Lavender CBD Bath Salts.

~ Mixed scent CBD Bath Fizzers

This set is £15

P&P £3

Mother’s Day Boxes

I have a special little treat for my Mother Day Boxes! 🥰🌹

This box smells like a bouquet 💐

🌹Contains Sweet pea bath salts.
🌹A floral facial soup (I know so many have been waiting for these to be in stock again).
🌹A giant CBD rose Bath bomb.
🌹A floral scented candle.
🌹Rose scented bath fizzer.
🌹Rose scented bath oil melt.

And lastly, my lovely Nana (who is not on social media so I can’t tag her) has handmade these gorgeous Floral cards that she normally sells for £3.50!

So not only do you have a Mother’s Day present that’s completely unique, you also have a handmade card that’s one of a kind.

My Nana is putting so much love into each individual card, I’m so excited for you all to see them 😍

Boxes are £15 and £3 posted.

Only a limited quantity available due to so many handmade items.

Available now ☺️

Best sellers Pack

Contains my two best selling salt scents.
Shhh and PMS

Shhh contains oils that will send you off to a more peaceful and calm place. Perfect when you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed. This scents is also amazing for little people who may need a little help getting to sleep. One oil will help you sleep and then another will help keep you asleep.

Other benefits of this scent include helping stomach issues such as IBS, it’s anti-inflammatory. A study also found that one of the oils prevented Contagious Diarrhea so it’s a great thing to have just in case one person in your house feels ill and you want to try and prevent others getting it. 😍

PMS (Pink Monthly Salts) is also anti-inflammatory and with scents like geranium and rose it’s perfectly refreshing for that time of month. Works amazing with PCOS, Endometriosis and any other gynae issue. If pregnant, This scent can only be used after 37 weeks as it contains clary sage which can induce labour. It’s great for after pregnancy to help get your uterus back to its original size quicker (clary sage is an amazing oil). Last but not least, 4 CBD bath fizzers. With 30% potency you only need one in your bath to give you good results! £12 collected £15 posted or delivered 📦