Why get into this business?

If nothing changes nothing changes

Samoan, From the South

My Why?
My Family ! My Village !
Eldest of 3
Married to amazing husband for the last 17 years
Mama to 2 beautiful Blessings and all my neices and nephews
My Beautiful parents blessed they are still here with us 🙏🏽

I’ve been working since I was 15 years old to help support my parents.
Never really looked into investment other than the usual obvious of buying a house, and then as you do, you spend the rest of your years working to pay your mortgage, Bills, Rent all of it and then before you know it your life has flashed right past you.

When I looked into this online Business of Affiliate marketing , I had no idea .. I’ve never been in sales and had no clue what affiliate Marketing even was ! I was like okay 🤔

Since I’ve come into this platform, which has been a couple of months, We’ve had 4 of the famz from the legacy collective retire from their 9-5 jobs cause they’ve put in the work, taking this great opportunity into their hands for them..and it’s been within a year  for some and even 5 months for one of them. Like they say,
“ do the mahi, get the treats”

But the inner work and self care in this business has been the best for me,

Investing into myself on this level has been such an eye opener internally etc.

What Business encourages you to be your best YOU…not pop star, not sporting star, not singer or millionaire…which are all great role models..but the best version of yourself is required…and no fake it til you make it…it purely is the “ BEST VERSION OF YOU”
Not to be conditioned to how the companies expect you to be which is what I am so used to.. a robot in some sense and I’m so over it now 🥴

Your in Business for yourself but Not by yourself.

Hope this will encourage you, if you are tired from their 9-5 or are just looking for a change ! Or want extra income

Whats the trade off? Your time with your loved ones or doing what you want to do, life is too short .. which is why I’ve jumped on board and so far been the best descion I’ve made !

I needed a change! And so here I am🤗