About myself

First of all, welcome to my blog!

I'm just starting to blog and I'm very new to this, and at first it may not be the best blog but we will learn together.

We will have so much fun!

How to make money online!

It even works if you are under age

The fastest way to get money online.

1. Online surveys

You probably already heard about online surveys and know what they are, but I'm here to link you to 100% working surveys. I tried them all out, so let’s get into it. The first survey is PrizeRebel you don’t just take surveys there you actually also can make offers, but sometimes not all offers work. Next, we have Swagbucks you earn points which later you can change for cash and gift cards like Amazon. And last but not least surveyeah it may take some time because not always there are available offers.

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2. You can freelance

If you are good at doing something it could be anything maybe you are good at designing websites or drawing it could literally be anything, in that case, you should download Fiverr you can get quite a lot of money from Fiverr I would definitely recommend.

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3.Starting your own website

Starting your own website is quite easy because you can find everything you need online from templates to layouts. Once you did that sing up for Google Adsense, which helps you earn money when someone visits your website, more visitors more money

I hope that helps

4. Sticker making

This one is really fun, there is a website which is called ”Printify” and all you have to do is to draw a sticker and wait for money and do not steal drawings and stickers from the internet!

5. Selling

You can always sell products online like the good quality clothes you don't use anymore on depop or you can even start your own small business by selling crafts like earnings, bracelets, etc.

Please stay safe everyone!

It’s still dangerous out there, wear a mask