About: Josie Edmisten

I'm here to help you enjoy greater health, less financial anxiety, and more #authenticfreedom.

Josie Edmisten, is a passionate, purpose-driven woman, committed to helping others lead healthier, happier, more prosperous lives; where health and financial anxiety are a thing of the past.

She launched into her networking career in her mid twenties with a vision of escaping Corporate America, where she worked days in corporate housing and her husband worked nights. Her 💕 desire was for #authenticfreedom. She aspired to create extra income to become a home-owner, and to raise and home-school children she yet didn't even have. She wanted additional income, sufficient to increase her households quality of life, giving them options, which would otherwise have been out of reach, were there only one income.

Her pursuits, helped equip her and her husband to become home-owners and realestate investors, on their own, in her mid twenties. The added income secured her opportunity to realize her dream of home-educating her four children, now aged 13-20, and afforded her the privilege of never missing a first in their lives.

Her mission is to educate & empower other women, men, and families to lead healthier and happier lives, in line with their personal aspirations: putting health and financial anxiety behind them

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