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Author. Seamstress. Horror fan. Taco enthusiast.

Hello welcome to this site. Which today (Wed. Dec,15 2021) is the beginning of this journey into all these words that spill from my finger tips

I hope you will stick around and read my tales.

I have been writing since 2003(I was 12) and I have crashed through and made it to the other side.

So please take my hand stay a while and let me build you worlds to explore.

I hope you're not afraid of snakes.


Every story ends.. but is it truly finished?

Come Hell or Highwater

Rocko. Badass. Commando. Saves kittens from trees. Catira. Saves herself. Practices self love. Really hates being buried alive.

Work In Progress

A tease of my new book Black Silk coming soon

Dawn was Savio Zettucci’s favorite time of the day. He shared the dawn with no one, or at least no one in person. He often sat on his throne, a brown leather-backed chair that was his fathers, and his father’s father before him. 
He sat in his chair behind his outrageously large, solid wooden desk. His chair turned to the side to stare out, watching the sun kiss the tops of the various sky scrapers. His office had an appeal that he found only the toughest men felt comfortable in. Those weaker usually beg profusely for thier lives. Some times out loud and other times it’s muffled when the ‘lose’ their tongues.