Four Letter Word Series

Three Women. Different Stories. Different Kinds of Love. Many Lessons.  & one true, true, true meaning of love.

The Four Letter Word Series follows 3 women on their journey to find the true meaning of love while also finding themselves along the way. Avelyn, Adalyn, and Tessah will take you through a series of emotions and you’ll either be fighting for them or for their counterparts! 

Each book in this series is its own entity and can be read on their own but it is recommended that the books be read in order as they all take place during the same time and certain events crossover (and may spill some tea!).

The fourth book in the series, The Ways of Love, takes place a year after the first three. If nothing else, it is highly recommended to read book two, A Toxic Kind of Love, before book four (unless you don’t care about spoilers!)

A Little Bit of Love

This book was written as a prequel to A Real Kind of Love but I recommend reading it as an introduction to the series (& Avelyn + Dasiah) if you haven't read any of the books!

A Real Kind of Love

Avelyn didn't do love. No matter how you flipped it... She avoided it like the plague. And then there was Dasiah...

A Toxic Kind of Love

All Adalyn wanted was love and the happily ever after she'd dreamt about with Landon. Too bad Landon wasn't shit.

A Selfish Kind of Love

Tessah was a maneater who only cared about what men could do for her. Love wasn't on her radar especially with Kyree -- someone she despised.

The Ways of Love

Adalyn is back and this time around she may have just found her true prince charming in Waze. But will her past mess it all up for her?

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The NBA Star & The Chef

The Jacobs Brothers Series: A Sweet Smut Series

Meet Deuce & Nelly. 2 of 3 of the Jacobs brothers. The oldest and the youngest. Both #bookbaes

Deuce is an NBA star who royally messed up a good thing in high school. And when opportunity presents itself, he wants it back. Deuce is impulsive, charming AF, knows how to be vulnerable, and isn't one to hold back from what he wants. 

Nelly is the direct, blunt AF baby brother who has had it a little easy since his teenage days of having a pro athlete brother. But now Nelly is out to make a name for himself with his restaurant. Yes, he's a man that's good in the kitchen and the bedroom. His favorite line: "All I care about is cooking and sexing." He said the f bomb though. 

Ready to read  the series?

P.S. The books do not have to be read in order but I always think it's fun to do so!

Finding Kristmas

A second chance holiday sports romance 🏀🎄❤️

Kookie Dough

A spicy vacation fling romance 🍪💦. It takes place a couple of years after Finding Kristmas.

About Bella Jay

Spicy Romance Author

Miami bred, Bella Jay (born Precious Rodgers) has had a love for books since she was a little girl. Getting lost in them was a favorite past time but writing them has become a true love. In 2018, with a little push she stepped out on faith and released her first novel to the world allowing her writer alter ego, Bella Jay, to take flight into the writing industry.

She writes spicy & contemporary Black romance books with unapologetically flawed characters who she loves to fix.