16 Lighthouse Road

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Where do I even begin. This story swallowed me into its world and refused to let me out until I reached the end.

This book told stories of love, heartache, abandonment, discovery, second chances, deaths, births and so on. So many themes entangled together in 376 pages and it all stemmed from a decision by Judge Olivia Lockhart—— Divorce Denied.

Debbie Macomber has a way of not just telling a story but taking one into its world. It was like I was there, watching it all unfold before my eyes. I could feel the heartache for each character. My fists formed when someone was just being stupid and blind to what was clearly in front of their eyes — in front of my eyes. 😠

Cedar Cove is the name of the small town in this book and trust me, it is a place you want to be. ( not physically obvs 😂)

My August Wrap Up

So these are my top reads this August. It has been a range, from romance to murder mystery 😅 but hey we all need some range in our lives.

The Bar Next Door

I received this book as an ARC and I was beyond ecstatic.

Here’s a blurb :

Sometimes you take the shot, and sometimes the shot takes you.

As the manager of Montreal’s most infamous dive bar, Monroe—and it’s just Monroe, thank you very much—is used to serving up her signature pearls of wisdom alongside an array of shots, pints, and pitchers🥃. In fact, she thrives on it. Taverne Toulouse is a mighty ship, and she its fearless 👩‍✈️ , trusted by patrons and bar staff alike to steer them through choppy waters .

If only she’d been given a little warning before a full-on tsunami swept in next door.

Julien Valois’ wining and dining empire is making waves 🌊 . The next item on his agenda is opening a trendy lounge right next to Monroe’s beloved Taverne Toulouse—one that’s meant to run the dive bar out of business so he can buy up that property too.

His plans did not include falling for a five-foot-nothing brunette with an impressive vocabulary and an even more impressive ability to manhandle drunk 🥴 frat boys twice her size.

They’re rivals in every sense of the word, but when Monroe and Julien are in a room together, the battle lines fade away. Their defences lower, their hearts 🥰 get louder than their heads, and the burn between them goes down like just the right shot—intense, intoxicating, and able to sweep their priorities away with a single taste.

Until reality decides to slap up a big ‘For Sale’ sign and force them remember those priorities all too clearly.

The Right Path by Nora Roberts

Not much to say seeing as Nora Roberts is a classic. So I will just leave the blurb which took the money out of my account for this book.
Her scream froze in her throat, locked there by terror. She had never seen death before - not unpampered, staring death.

Midnight on an unspoilt Greek island. Returning from a peaceful moonlit swim, Morgan James has a shocking and frightening encounter. A dark, dangerous stranger threatens her with a knife 🔪 , ordering her to keep quiet 🤫 about his presence on the cliff top. Mysteriously, he lets her go unharmed.

The next day, Morgan meets the same man 👨, but this time he’s visiting her hosts. Are the people she’s staying with mixed up with a drug-smuggling ring? Answering this question turns into a matter of life and death when Morgan finds a body on the beach 🏝- and her sunny ☀️ Greek paradise becomes a place of stark terror.

If that doesn’t tickle your insides then I don’t know what will. I’ll leave a review of this when I’m done.

16 Lighthouse Road by Debbie Macomber

If you’ve been following me for a while then you would know that I would buy anything Debbie Macomber has written 🤭😊. Do you have authors like that? That you would buy anything as long as their names are on it?

Anyways, let’s get into the blurb :

Welcome to Cedar Cove - a small town with a big heart.

Judge Olivia Lockhart has caused a scandal. Hearing Cecilia and Ian Randal’s petition for a divorce, she came to the conclusion that the young couple hadn’t tried hard enough to make their marriage worn. Her judgement? Divorce denied.

When Judge Olivia throws the town into an uproar, her daughter Justine is on the verge of the biggest decision of her life. Should she stop waiting for love and accept a marriage of convenience?

Olivia’s best friend, Grace, has troubles of her own. Dan, her husband, is increasingly distant and Grace is starting to wonder if he’s having an affair.

And in Cedar Cove, nothing stays secret for long.

One of the reasons I love Debbie is because she gives me more than one story in one book 📖 🤯

Bright Young Dead by Jessica Fellowes

Ooohhh murder mystery. It makes me all giddy inside with the discovery of clues and the lack of clarity as to who did it. 😁 I also love the setting - Old England, 1920s

Here’s the blurb:

Meet the Bright Young Things, the rabble-rousing hedonists of the 1920s whose treasure hunts were a media obsession. One such dangerous game takes place at the eighteenth birthday of Pamela Mitford, but ends in tragedy as cruel, charismatic Adrian Curtis is pushed to his death from the bell tower of the church neighbouring the Mitford home, Asthall Manor.

The police quickly identify the killer as a maid, Dulcie, who is discovered to be a member of a notorious gang of female thieves, the Forty Elephants. But Louisa Cannon, chaperone to the Mitford girls and a former criminal herself, believes Dulcie to be innocent, and alongside Pamela and Nancy Mitford, sets out to clear the girl’s name ................ all while the real killer may only be steps away.

Like I said ........ giddy 😁


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