At Auto Plus we're helping clients save money on vehicle repairs- and we can help you too. —

Do you remember the last time your vehicle broke down? How did you handle it? Were you able to continue life uninterrupted?

Do you know that your vehicle is going to break down at some point? How do you plan to handle it? Are you prepared for the inevitable?

At Auto Plus we usually service two types of clients who do not have the answers to those questions above.

If you fall in one of the two categories of customers above, then Auto Plus is here to serve you.

Still in doubt? Let's agree on one thing - your average vehicle repair bill can be expensive but it is always UNEXPECTED. With Auto Plus you can save the money and the inconvenience.

Auto Plus is an Auto Service Company that provides mechanical related services from routine maintenance to breakdowns. We know that you love your vehicle and you need it to get around. That is why we have designed services to ensure that your experience with mechanical failures are never burdensome and you are never left stranded.

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