“At the heart of all creators is the passion to experience life”

Hey guys! Thanks for checking out my website! My name is Autumn and I am the artist of Autumn Brooke Paintings (@autumnsartadventures)
As an artist I dabble in a lot of things, like most of you probably do too! Whether from travel, landscape & portrait photography, modeling, acting, or film making, art is in my veins.

At the heart of all creators is the passion to experience life, but we find ourselves meticulously creating along the way! We tinker, brush, hammer, edit, craft, plan and over analyze, think deeply, dream, theorize, direct and adventure. We are always dreaming of "what could be".

I believe that “the adventure the Lord calls you on is where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet,” which is where true change is made. That is the heart and purpose for the basis of our life story and captures the essence of everything we should aspire to do with the talents we have been given.

For me, I hope to share the love of Jesus in all that I do, explore this beautiful world, embrace my duty to take care of its inhabitants and well, create a lot along the way! My paintings help me express that spirit of adventure that I feel so kindred to and be able to share God’s marvelous creation with you too.

So let's go on an adventure together and marvel at God’s magnificent creation. Swipe over to learn more about my paintings!

About the Art

Let’s marvel at God’s magnificent creation”

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth..”

I am in awe of landscapes that have me feeling small. It reminds me of the God who created it and how it was created for me to embrace. The surge of the oceans, the weight of mountains, the roar of winds and the responsibility to take care of all the animals of the land, birds in the sky and fish of the sea. Life is magnificent and the earth is a masterpiece, created by the hands of a magnificent Artist. If you look closely, you’ll find His brushstrokes and His attention to detail in all living things!

The artwork I present to you I hope captures the magnificence of His creation and inspires you to get out and explore this world. For to visit His gallery, it will delightfully require you to have an adventure!

For my artwork, you may notice that it has the likeness of a photograph and you are right! You are on to something. I actually enjoy painting my own photography. I find that on my travels I have most fun collecting photographs of the all the fun adventures. When I come home, it's time to paint them! It's a way to keep the adventure alive and also gives me a beautiful reference photo to paint from.
Also, along with the painting you will get a little story about that moment or day it took place so you are part of the adventure too.

I hope my landscapes have you marveling at God’s magnificent creation and remind you that there is an adventurer inside of you just waiting to see it too!

What I offer

Here are a list of some different ways to take home my art! My original artwork is for sale and I love doing commissioned paintings, so if you want to collaborate I would love to do that with you!

However coming soon I will also offer other ways to take home my art including painted denim jackets and prints on canvas, plexiglass and metal pieces!

Original Artwork

Original artwork includes acrylic on canvas, usually coated with a high gloss to give it some shine and protection, with occasionally glitter and/or jewels.

Price is mostly determined by size, cost of materials and length of time to make it.

Email me at [email protected] if you have any questions or would like to order!

Commissioned Art Work

I love commissioned art work. If you have an idea and want to collaborate with me, send it my way! I love the opportunity to give you a piece of artwork that you are proud of. Commissioned art work is also great if you are needing a specific size, color or style and can't seem to find it anywhere else. Or simply if you want a painting that is unique to you!

Price is mostly determined by size, cost of materials and time to make it. It can range from $40-up and beyond depending on these factors.

Send me an email at [email protected] and let's get started!


Autumn’s Artwork Collection

Below is a collection of various paintings throughout my art journey. Take a look around and please enjoy!


Maui, Hawaii

Acrylic on canvas, jeweled sea foam, sealed with gloss.

This is an example of a piece that represents the mighty surge of the ocean. I felt small in comparison to the massive waves crashing up on the rocks but happy to witness the energy. It is a unique feeling and one that you must experience for yourself. For you were made to marvel at its power!

Distant Surge

Maui, Hawaii

Commissioned painting. Acrylic on canvas, glitter sprinkles, sealed in gloss.

Where sea meets land ✨

Abstract ocean and sunrise

Abstract acrylic on watercolor paper


Maui, Hawaii, Hana Highway, acrylic on canvas

Stopped on the side of a dangerous road called the Hana Highway, lined with jungles on either side and lots of rain, we were graced with the view of the beautiful Hawaii coastline.

Alaska Ship

Alaska Ship, Cordova fishing community harbor, Alaska. Acrylic on canvas.

African Elephant

African elephant, acrylic on canvas, sealed in gloss.

Sea Horse

Child’s room “sea” horse, acrylic on canvas

My YouTube Channel

Check out my channel for some travel vlogging, painting tutorials and how-to’s. Sometimes it’s nice to kick back and be inspired. Come join the adventure!

Find me at @autumnmunden