Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here!!

If you’ve been watching me for a while or maybe you’re new here, and you’re interested in what I do? Look no further!

Hi! My name is Ava Hoyord!💓 I’m an 18 year old Arkansas girl with dreams bigger than I ever imagined were achievable! Recently I took the leap to begin my own lil business as a way to make an extra income straight from my phone!(because If you’re already on Instagram anyways, you might as well get paid for it!) BOY was I in for way more than just that! Joining this team has brought me new friends, new freedoms, new opportunities and also an amazing sense of gratitude for each and every thing this business gives back! Was it completely terrifying to jump blindly into a business I had no experience in? Of course! But guys I cannot even begin to express how much JOY and DRIVE I now have because I chose to say YES! And I continue to say yes daily, because this job is endlessly rewarding. Working everyday to help friends who deserve more than what they believe is possible. With this company you guys, the opportunities are LIMITLESS! And I’m offering this success to you as well! I truly hope you choose to say yes & take that scary leap because you WILL NEVER LOOK BACK!! I’ve got your back and I cant wait to do this with you! Text “ OPPORTUNITY” to 920-750-9461 if you’re interested in this or would like more info!💓😇