Get to Know


Origins : South Africa x USA
Years active: 2019 - Present
Platforms: avakin life (inactive)
IMVU (mobile/PC)
GTA V (xbox)

Avakingz is a virtual collective originally formed by five south african boys (Camile Crisp, keezy, Rory, Blue and Leko) on the game avakin life in 2019.

The name avakingz was derived from the game 'Avakin' (by affiliate Keezy) and was stylised using inspiration from the Playstation hacker game 'Watchdogz' by Blue.

The group started as a virtual dance collective who frequently made battle style hip hop videos from clips that were shot in game (on avakin) As they progressed they aso created rap content maintaining a street style focus on creativity. Avakingz quickly gained popularity after joining virtual Instagram with their original page gaining over 1000 followers in just a week.

The group would then recruit it's first female member - Angel Sweet Cakes who had to engage in a virtual dance battle against one of the Avakingz for a chance to gain a spot as a permanent member of the group. Angel became the groups first female affiliate that was based in the United States after Avakingz posted the video on Instagram to let people vote and decide the winner of that battle.
Avakingz would then recruit another Female Anna Foxxx who wanted to join the group in order to edit pictures for them, she too had to battle her way in against the newly recruited Angel.

Avakingz became known for publicly calling out virtual unfairness. They started beef with then virtual awards pages exposing them for being biased when deciding winners, they called out people who refused to share mobile editing tips and tricks. They even engaged in a back and forth with another group that was making similar content and they created a video versus to let people decide who actually made better content.

☆ 2020 IMVU - Disbandment
All avakingz members soon joined the game IMVU in late 2019 - early 2020 and aimed to expand their creative content reach. The group would then lose their original Instagram page wich at the time could be accessed by all the affiliates at any time. Avakingz quickly revamped by creating a new page which only featured IMVU content to mark a new era of creativity. Real life forced avakingz to slow down and two of its members Rory and Cam left the group indefinitely. The two avakingz ladies (also known as Avaqueens) Anna and Angel also followed suite and had to leave the group due to real life issues.

In December 2020 avakingz affiliate Blue announced that he was editing the last avakingz video and soon after that a video titled 'Plot twist' was uploaded on the page.
It featured visuals (from asap mob) of a crew cycling through the streets of NY and a newspaper article style edit with a heading that confirmed that avakingz was indeed no more in 2020. The video also featured clips from the game (Watchdogz) that had inspired the Avakingz style.

In 2021 Avakingz would return with original members Keezy, Blue and Leko. Keezy and Blue intended to drop the first virtual podcast which would feature their real life voices dubbed over their animated avators. Leko had switched his focus to console gaming and was now creating content from the game GTA V. both ideas became a success after being posted and Avakingz made its return to the virtual streets with crisp fresh content. Avakingz then recruited South African virtual influencer/ digital artist Zuri (Candy Reign) who contributed her content and created new content for the collective.