Avant Entertainment

Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life

Greetings to everyone. This is Avant Entertainment. Avant Entertainment is a platform that supports and prioritizes modeling and fashion under Zepeto community. Avant Entertainment was formed on December 20,2021. We look for the finest and determined models who are confident,talented and unique in their every way. Avant Entertainment is formed for 4 people. The CEOs,the Lead Editor,and the Lead Stylist.

The CEOs are Mademoiselle Kim and Mademoiselle Kaz who are a part of Avant Entertainment Leaders and Staffs. The Lead Editor is Mademoiselle Ju who is the leader of the editing department and is a talented editor herself. The Lead Stylist is Mademoiselle Nene,who has an outstanding sense in styling and is the leader of the stylist department. Visit the next page to know about them more

The Leaders

Get to know about the people who made Avant Entertainment

Mademoiselle Kaz,Mademoiselle Kim,Mademoiselle Ju and Mademoiselle Nene are the four people who made it possible to make this entertainment where people can join and show their talents and tastes in their type of fashion.

Mademoiselle Kim

The CEO of Avant Entertainment. Let us see what she tells us about herself.

"Hello,my name is Kim. My age is 17 and my hobbies are making edits and posters. My fashion types are aesthetic and casual. In this Zepeto community, I had met many friends from different nations, they're pretty cool. They've helped me to live in shine, we've many common things. We're supporting each other and loving too, I'd love to live in this virtual world. Yes life is very hard but when you have a best friend by your side, everything will be solved. Thanks to Zepeto, who brings light in my life, I'm so glad to meet these kind people, thanks for everything you did for me.
Being a editor is not easy, cuz you have to learn first how to shade your avatar.
For myself It's takes about 3⅔ months to cover the things. It's too hard btw, but never let you dream go down, do your best,no need to worry about next just shine on."

Mademoiselle Kaz

The CEO of Avant Entertainment. Let us see what she shares about herself.

"Hello everyone,my name is Kaz. My age is 14 and I am an online councilor where I help people suffering from mental illness and depression. My hobbies are reading,drawing and helping people. Modeling is something that makes the community where we live interesting and fun. People with great fashion sense love modeling,and I like modeling too. As our motto goes,"Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life",it makes my life more creative and fashionable. My fashion mainly follows black and white,and the type is mainly formal. The Zepeto community allowed me to be open to the people I meet and I made many new online friends. Even in he busy schedule,my face flashes a smile the moment I think about my online friends. I am also an editor in this community. The most favourite thing is editing my friends for free. Shading is my favourite thing during editing. Being an editor somehow makes you feel like a professional person. People praising you and complimenting you for your hard work really feels the best."

Mademoiselle Ju

The Lead Editor of Avant Entertainment. Let's proceed to what she has shared about herself.

"Hi, I am Juliana, commonly known as Ju.
I am from India. I am 13 years old.
My hobby is to edit, chat with friends and have fun.
I started zepeto in early 2020. Its been about 1yr, I guess. I basically didn't know anything about this game. I started to play it and see what is fun here, I found that lots of players edit the photos and videos.
I found it quite fun and interesting and then I joined Instagram in March, for the first time I saw Bern, I was so inspired by her. I asked her what app she uses to do this. I got a reply saying "It's IbisPaintX". So, as you know, I downloaded it.
And from there started my editing journey
When I started editing it was very very hard. Totally confusing for me.
I watched tutorials in YouTube and learned about basic tools on the app
And after all that, I was bad at editing, I just knew about the tools and nothing else.
I watched speed paints and then learned about brush. And started to practice.
You know 'Practice makes a man perfect'. Without practice I wouldn't be here.
I got better time by time.
So I have to say, you have to try hard to get something you desire."

Mademoiselle Nene

The Lead Stylist of Avant Entertainment. Let's get to know more about her.

"Hewoo ! My name is Nene and I am 13 years old. Nice to meet u all ! My hobby is being fashionable. For now,I just draw but when I will become big I will draw professionally. I want be a fashion designer. My Zepeto journey has been the best now that I meet lot people from different countries,having different styles with different hobbies and different minds. I can say that I have done a really good job joining this Zepeto community. Hope we can get together very well."