Tell the world what you’re made of

First of all, this team uses the concept of a legendary band and only for boy rp's. In fact, Avenged Sevenfold aka A7X are considered one of the gratest metal bands cs they make amazing metal.

Avenged team has the same motto as A7X : If anyone else has a problem with me i really dont give a flying fuck because metallica thinks we're cool and that's pretty much the end of that. The meaning of A7X is Avenged is an exemplary legendary band, and 7 is the date that this team was formed, while X is Xtreme, Being in or attaining the greatest or highest degree; very intense. Because men are identical with extreme behavior.


Tell the world what you’re made of

1. Only for man, and be a real man.

2. Free username, allowed for "Alpha or Uget" account

3. Put signature in bio or workart (Avenged or A7X)

4. Be active and participate, keep solidarity, keep your own ego because we're a family

5. Hiatus/out/deactive/checkpoint/leave, please contact admin or official base.

Thank you, guys.

How To Join

Tell the world what you’re made of

1. Add officiall account Avenged and like page (avengedteamku)

3. Send a message to Avengedteamku (page)
with the format "I am ( your nickname + chara ) ready to become legendary"

ex : I am Durex as Jung Jaehyun ready to become legendary.

4. Welcome, we will take you into the dorm.

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Tell the world what you’re made of

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