hi⭐️ nice to meet you!

my name is averi dawkins and i turned my life into something worth living.

i’m an 18 year, old full time student turned into business  entrepreneur, and i’m helping others do the same. i used to be a regular high schooler. i worked as a lifeguard, was in sports, clubs and many activities. i always felt as though i needed more... more from life, more for myself, just more in general. so when this opportunity fell into my lap, surprisingly i didn’t take it right away. crazy right?

i was so scared of the unknown, and doing something out of my comfort zone. i was scared no one would support me, i would get made fun of, and that i wouldn’t have any success. after thinking on it, i decided, what do i have to lose? instead of fear taking over my mind, and holding me back i decided to excel forward. and now here we are!! i’ve been very successful at what i do, and i’m not stopping there! i’m finally getting to live the life i’ve always wanted. i’m doing this so i can come out of college, and med school debt free. i’m doing this to start paying my parents back for everything they’ve done over the last 18 years. i’m doing this to be financially stable and be able to provide for myself, and start giving back to those who need it.

what would you want out of this? what dreams do you have that you thought were never possible? i’m here to let you know that anything is possible with a willing for change and a little bit of hustle⚡️