My Keyboard

I need to have business knowledge that insulates the correct positioning of projects by which actionable insights can be derived from data and I want to know how to make an impact on the business. I want to be passionate in manipulating and analysing any data. I want to get experience in a variety of domains and in working with different issues so that i can brainstorm a particular machine learning algorithm or new statistical model. I want to know the programming and scripting language. I want to be creative and innovative. I want to be able to innovate the collection of data analyse it and think of it in fantastic ways so that the data can be put to the best advantageous use. I want to create the tools used to interpret and translate the streams of data into innovative new products.

✌in a word I want the ability to travel both the business and technical sides of an organisation.

I want to have a combination of complex skills, advanced quantitative knowledge, business skills, technical experience and problem solving capacity.

I want to keep a deep technical background, so I can expertly manipulate data, and have massive skills of complex analytical skills.

I want to keep the combination of skills to handle raw data on structured data, strong technical knowledge, strong analytical skills and background.