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My name is Katrina Nichole and I am a proud mother of two precious star children, a intuitive channeler, a healthy plant-based foodie, an aspiring herbalist who loves to travel and soon to be a certified holistic health coach!

At a young age I always felt intuitively connected and sensitive to people’s energy. Growing up I encountered spirits, and out of fear and ridicule, I pushed away my ability to connect with the spirit world. In my mid 20’s, I intuitively predicted that something horrible was going to happen within my immediate family. Two weeks later my brother passed away unexpectedly. This was my wake up call that I could no longer hide from my gifts.

My awakening manifested after I became very ill, lost a pregnancy, almost lost my life to chronic illness and witnessed my grandmother’s horrific two year long battle to cancer. During that time, I dug deep and worked on healing my body on an herbal protocol and plant-based diet. I healed many of my own chronic health conditions such as, acne, SIBO, H. Pylori, depression, anxiety, mood swings, and more. After my grandmother’s passing, I felt called to reconnect and rediscover myself, continue on my healing journey and connect to my intuitive abilities on a deeper spiritual level.

My awakening has lead me to start my life over again and experience this beautiful journey through my soul’s purpose. My divine calling is to help people heal and give them the tools they need to find their inner light and live fearlessly free.

Whether it be channeling messages from the spirit world, healing past life trauma, sharing healthy recipes, incorporating healing plant based foods, or recommending herbs into your protocol, healing and soul transformation will take place! My intention is to help guide you to live out your life in great health, peace and harmony!


Katrina Nichole


What my soul clients have to say!

I am a disabled Veteran and recently did 2, 30 minute sessions with Katrina. I have been dealing with physical trauma for over 20 years and after talking to Katrina about my healing process, I have been able to let go of so much negative energy it's crazy!! my sleep is better, daily living is better a long with my overall daily perspective on life. I highly recommend Katrina for anyone who has any questions or thoughts about there spiritual well being.

Eric Trapasso


I just had a reading with Katrina, I was left in shock with what she told me. I wasn’t expecting her to be that spot on as I have gotten readings in the past and not a turn out like this. There was no way she could of known about my moms health. I have never mentioned anything about it. My mom has been having severe leg pain to the point she can not walk. She has been asking me what herbs to take but I have put it off. Wellllll today Katrina kept saying I keep getting your “mom” there is something wrong with her “health” I see you helping her. She needs your herbs hence I’m in school to become an herbalist!! My mom had actually gotten mad at me the day before for ignoring her issue. How crazy right?! Also, Katrina was spot on about past issues I’ve had with my husband, I felt a genuine connection, she felt his emotions. It confirmed my worries I’ve had for last 6 months. WOW! She also tapped into my future career which confirmed the signs I’ve been having in my dreams lately. Katrina is very powerful! If you are looking into some guidance, definitely book with her.

Mayra Garcia


I wanted to thank you so much Katrina for this beautiful and powerful reading the other day! ❤️🤗🌈 your voice is magical and your ability to connect with my guides and past ones are amazing! The messages you gave me from my uncle and grand-father who have passed have resonated deeply 🦋 I also delivered the message to my dad, which made him cry...so much healing! Thank you a mil! 🙏💫❤️

Nadine Mai


Thank you so much for the reading, It was beautiful and healing! And for sending healing energy, you are so kind! I look forward to connecting with you again in the future 🤍

Noosha Lee

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