I’m Abagayle

Or Abby, let’s be real...no one can spell that

I’m an orthopedic registered nurse from East Tennessee, who has a deep deep love of traveling and seeing everything I can, while I can. I travel mostly with my husband, Alex. Everyone needs a girls trip every now and again though 🤪 My journey has just started. I hope you’ll follow me through it!

Where I’ve been

My list is short so far, I’m excited to add to it and bring you along

Prior to me deciding to document my travels (and having the means to do so!), I took a handful of trips. My biggest would have been Paris, France in 2012. I can’t believe it’s been 8 years! I would love to go back now that I have a different appreciation for traveling, art, and different cultures. One day...💭

I also traveled to the Bahamas, right before coronavirus began in January of 2020. We were supposed to hit Nassau and Half Moon Cay, but severe winds took us to Freeport instead of Half Moon Cay. It was first girls trip, and was definitely memorable...we had a ball!

My classmates and I in Paris, France (2012)

We had a really good sense of style. 😂

This was my first trip outside of the country, and my first large trip in general. Before this, I had only went to the beach one time with my family. We didn’t have much money, so no yearly vacations for us. This is where my love of traveling was planted in my heart, and has been growing every since. Paris was a total cultjre shock; it opened my wtws to just how big the world was.

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Nassau, Bahamas

Who doesn’t need a good girls trip every now and then? This was my first one, and also...my first cruise! Even though we had a MILLION things go wrong...we still had a blast. Nothing can stop you from having a good time when youre with good friends! 🥂

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Freeport, Bahamas

This was our second stop on our cruise. We were supposed to stop in Half Moon Cay, but strong winds ended up taking us a different way. 15 minutes before our dock time! Talk about a surprise. We just let it happen, and enjoyed our time in freeport. We took a culture tour here, where we learned all about the Bahamian ways. 🇧🇸

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