Leonard Aldebaran

Made of stars.

Hello, my name is Leonard, but you can call me Leo, Leon, or even baby.

I am a very affectionate and kinda clingy person, so if you are looking for someone who would give you a lot of hugs and kisses, I am the one.

Let me tell you more about myself.

Name : Leonard Aldebaran
Nickname : Leo, Leon, Al
Age : Above 18
Sun : Taurus
Moon : Sagittarius
Main Face claim : Mark Lee of NCT
Languange : Bahasa, English

I'm a convobuilder, so you don't have to worry about our converastion. I can play a guitar, and i also can sing a little.

I do not have preferences on loving someone, whether you are a boy, a girl, or or you do not prefer to label yourself as any of them, I would still gladly take a good care of you. I do not really have preferences for myself either, so I could be a dominant and a submissive, a top or a bottom, just depending on what do you need.

I am a companion for hire, so whether you need a boyfriend to share kisses with, a brother to lean on, a best friend to rant on, a fling to spend your night with, anything -- I will accompany you gladly.

So, if you want to know me more, just hit me up. I promise i will be the one you're searching for.


• Boys, girls, and non-binaries; dominants, switches, and submissives; tops and bottoms are allowed.
• Only for business accounts, cyber accounts, fan accounts, and roleplayers. Personal accounts are not allowed. You can use private accounts or empty accounts, as long as you still fill the backup account with any of the allowed accounts.
• Only available in Discord, Twitter, and Telegram.
• My main face claim is NCT's Mark Lee, and my side face claims are other NCT Dream members. Feel free to ask for a particular face claim you want, but I am not very knowledgeable in boy groups.
• You can talk about your real life to me, but please do not force me to do the same.
• My working hour is from 10.00AM to 10.00PM.
• Minimum renting period is one day, and maximum renting period is one month. Returning customers may rent longer than one week.
• No refunds if you cancel our session, except if I were the one who canceled the session. You can reschedule instead.
• Please do not rent me if you have a partner, whether in real life or in virtual life, except if your partner consented to it.
• Payments could be done via QRIS.
• NSFW rents are only for those who are above 18 (2003liner), and for face claim only for idols that are legal in South Korea (2002liner).
• Please do give me honest testimonial in the end.
• If you have any complaints or discomfort about my service (like the way I type or the topics I am talking about), you can immediately tell me about it so that I can fix myself, or you can tell my manager (@awengq) about it if you are too shy or scared to tell me directly.


Customer Name:
Customer Username:
Customer Back-Up Account:
Relationship: (boyfriend, bestie, brother)
Date of Rent: (start to end)
Dominant or Submissive:
Additional Services:
Face Claim:
Typing: (proper case/lower case, proper punctuation/casual typing)
I Refer You As: (Saya-Kamu, Aku-Kamu, Gue-Lu, Kakak-(nama kamu), etc.)
Pet Name(s):
About Myself:
What Kind of Boyfriend Do You Expect:
Send your form to my manager's DM, @awengq