Money on Atuopilot.

Money working harder for you, not you working harder for it.


100% I'm not going to lie, we jumped at the opportunity along with hundreds of others here in Aotearoa to invest for ourselves because we want freedom to do whatever, whenever and however we want.

This platform thats been created feels almost to good to be true. But it is in fact a legitimate company.

CFX started in July 2019.
They are giving back about 4% of your investment every week.!! Like where do you get that?.

We as in myself and Trev have been apart of this group since Mid May 2021

We have a group call every seconded Wednesday night at 8:30pm nzd time. This is for them to show us what's coming up for cfx, the withdrawal process, other members talking on behalf of them selves and how much this platform has helped them. Everything.

When coming on our team you can be added to our telegram chat and FB page. If you have any concerns or having trouble with your account (binance, cfx) there is always someone in there ready to answer any question that you've got.

My first week I got $11 and guess what….I did nothing but put the money in and the trading was done for me.

We've been apart of a team that are not only willing to help us navigate this platform to help us succeed financially, but they give us everything that we need to help others out there that are in the same place as us.
We started with nothing. Now we have so much more than what we did 11months ago.

What is CashFX

Here i have a short video explaining what CashFX is and how it works.

**(Here we have Lourissa explaining what CashFX is.)


1. Email account.
- the reason why I say to set up a separate email account is so that all things cfx and binanace go to this email. So your not going through you own personal email looking for everything stated above.

2. Binance.
- this will be your online wallet. So what that means your bitcoin will be in her for when you transfer to cfx and when you withdraw.

****all of the above can be found by going onto Google and searching it up.****

Referral for CFX

Here is my referral link in order for you to sign up to cfx. !!!

When you sign up and buy your first pack you will get your own personal referral LINK.!!!
*****PLEASE when creating your family pack DONT FORGET to register them under YOUR referral link so you will get the fast start bonuses.

Sign up Worldwide (binance wallet)

Here is a step by step guide to help you with buying bitcoin then transferring it to cfx to then buy your pack.

*you will need about $450nzd to buy $300usd bitcoin. (Always best to google the price nzd converted to usd when purchasing.)

**Please don't forget to MANUALLY add the FEE when purchasing.**
**please DONT close the screen when you get the green tick. WAIT until you've gotten your email confirmation.

Once you've bought your first pack it will start trading 72 Business hours after purchasing.

Wirex Card

Here we have this card called a wirex card.
This is a awesome card to use for spending your bitcoin from your ONLINE wallet.
You can use this card like any other Visa, it also has a paywave aswell.

With your wirex card you can also buy bitcoin and then send bitcoin from your wirex card through to your cfx pack.!!

I have a link for you to sign up with a wirex card.

Due Diligence Video

Here's a video that will give you an insight of the different options online.
Anything can be said and believed online.
So this due diligence video goes into abit more detail and can be helpful if you need it.