welcome to my account!

hii! you can call me awhzies (pronounces awh-zees)! I am a bloxburg builder and have been building for over a year.


my account rules

- do not send hate to me or anyone here. this is supposed to be a safe place for you, me, and the others! we do not tolerate racism, homophobia, sexism, trumpies, etc.

- if you have any problems with any of my posts, don’t report it, just dm me! I’ll try to get everything sorted out :)

- I do build for others! if you would like me to build for you, just dm me your building request form (next slide)! I build for others on saturdays but make sure my building commissions are open by checking my bio.

- do not say curse words, inappropriate words, or any of those. I’m trying to have everyone have a safe and fun time :)

- if you disobey any of these rules, I will give you two warnings. if you disobey the third time, I will block you from this account.


request rules

- you have to pay bloxburg cash before I make your build so I can avoid getting scammed.
- you don’t have to give credits exactly, but if someone asks if you made it, please tell them it was someone else!
- if you are rude to me, I will leave your house unfinished and will leave the game, but I will give you your money you paid back.
- if I don’t respond, don’t spam me. if I don’t respond it’s usually because I am busy or I’m not in the mood to talk. if I left you on seen, it’s because I’m not in the mood or you sent your request wrong.
- if you make lies or false accusations, I will tell people on my story my side of the false accusation and block you.

- I only build on saturdays.
- I only respond to dms who compliment me, need someone to rant to, sends a build request correctly, or just me wanting to respond for another reason.
- any disobeying will lead me to giving you 2 warnings, 3rd warning will be me blocking you.


building request form

- you have to pay me bloxburg cash for me to build for you depending on how big the house is!
- I only build houses and cafes!
dm me with your building request form!⇣

what style:
two or one story:
how many bedrooms:
how many bathrooms:
how big (small, medium, large):
your username:
can I post it?
extra details:

example on how to fill out!⇣

what style: fairy
two or one story: two
how many bedrooms: 3
how many bathrooms: 2
budget: 100k
how big (small, medium, large): small!
username: awhzies
can I post it: ofc!
extra details: backyard, please!

remember you’re loved <3

thanks for stopping by!